On-Demand Mip-Mapped Textures Supported by V-Ray RT GPU

Youtube 2017-02-20 10:41 tutorial  > V-Ray  > rendering

Use less RAM, be more efficient.

Thanks to the on-demand mip-mapped textures supported on the V-Ray RT GPU, it’s now even more efficient in terms of the RAM usage of its textures. The new feature drastically reduces the amount of RAM needed to render scenes, and user will no longer have to manually select different resolutions of their textures to try and reduce the memory needed in their scenes.

Additionally, since V-Ray does the Mip-Mapping on demand, the user can use any texture format they want and will not have to use any special format for the texture which is pre-mipmapped. Because of the way this memory management is implemented, there is practically almost none performance hit when using it.


Author: Youtube Editor: Michał Franczak
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