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This exterior scene is a part of Archexteriors vol. 30.

This scene was created by Barbara Witkowska from Evermotion. It's a part of Archexteriors vol. 30 - a collection of template environments that you can use to present your own models. Just delete building template, insert your own and press "render". The scenes were prepared carefully in two versions - one for ForestPack users and one for others, basing on VrayProxies. Vegetation in the scene is a V-ray proxy and only usable with V-ray and 3dsmax.

The scene below is a scene number 4 from Archexteriors vol. 30. It was rendered in V-Ray.

You can buy Archexteriors vol. 30 (10 scenes) collection in Evermotion Shop. You can also purchase this single scene.

Click on image to enlargeAE30_004_camera001_PP_evermotion.jpg

Images above shows how was developed a form of aircraft. First of all were created sections and basing on them I made a simple body mesh.


  • AE30_004_camera001_PP_evermotion.jpg
  • AE30_004_cam001_wire_evermotion.jpg
Camera 1: wireframe / post-production view.


  • AE30_004_camera002_PP_evermotion.jpg
  • AE30_004_cam002_wire_evermotion.jpg
Camera 2: wireframe / post-production view.


  • AE30_004_camera003_PP_evermotion.jpg
  • AE30_004_cam003_wire_evermotion.jpg
Camera 3: wireframe / post-production view.


  • AI30S04__0034_Layer_1_evermotion.jpg
  • AI30S04__0033_Layer_2_evermotion.jpg
The scene in 3ds Max viewport. You can use slider to see how it looks with or without materials colors enabled in viewport.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0032_Layer_3_evermotion.jpg

The whole scene is quite big in area. The brown circle (to be exact: cone without bottom and upside down) represents main ground, including bottom of the lake.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0031_Layer_4_evermotion.jpg

The ground plane with wireframe enabled.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0030_Layer_5_evermotion.jpg

The ground multi-material is used for the most of ground area. We have here 3 different materials: soil / grass blended material and two different gravel materials.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0029_Layer_6_evermotion.jpg

Soil/  grass mterial - VrayBlend Material consisting of a scorched soil and grass materials blended with a grunge mask.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0028_Layer_7_evermotion.jpg

Grass material.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0027_Layer_8_evermotion.jpg

Grass darkening node.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0026_Layer_9_evermotion.jpg

Grass bump map.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0025_Layer_10_evermotion.jpg

Gravel 1 material.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0024_Layer_11_evermotion.jpg

Gravel 1 - compositing of diffuse map was made entirely in 3ds Max.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0023_Layer_12_evermotion.jpg

Gravel - ground layer map.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0022_Layer_13_evermotion.jpg

Ground layer map settings.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0021_Layer_14_evermotion.jpg

Map that is used for mixing ground and grass materials.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0020_Layer_15_evermotion.jpg

Gravel 2 material.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0019_Layer_16_evermotion.jpg

We wanted to have some nice background in the scene, so we placed 6 rings of trees planes.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0018_Layer_17_evermotion.jpg

Each ring has a simple trees bitmap assigned.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0017_Layer_18_evermotion.jpg

Carioid shape of the most inner trees plane.



Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0016_Layer_19_evermotion.jpg

If you want to have more trtees that are far from camera, use cards with trees bitmaps.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0015_Layer_20_evermotion.jpg

Material of distant tree planes.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0014_Layer_21_evermotion.jpg

Water plane with vertex paint.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0013_Layer_22_evermotion.jpg

Water material.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0012_Layer_23_evermotion.jpg

Scene seen from above.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0011_Layer_24_evermotion.jpg

Trees are Vray Proxies.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0010_Layer_25_evermotion.jpg

We placed some gravel along the path.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0009_Layer_26_evermotion.jpg

Sun settings.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0008_Layer_27_evermotion.jpg

Camera 3 settings.


Click on image to enlargeAI30S04__0007_Layer_28_evermotion.jpg

Vray Sky settings.


Click on image to enlargerender_settings_2.JPG

Render settings.



  • AE30_004_camera001_PP_evermotion.jpg
  • AE30_004_camera001.RGB_color_evermotion.jpg
Camera 1:  post-production (on the left) vs RGB render.


  • AE30_004_camera002_PP_evermotion.jpg
  • AE30_004_camera002.RGB_color_evermotion.jpg
Camera 2: post-production (on the left) vs RGB raw render output.



  • AE30_004_camera003_PP_evermotion.jpg
  • AE30_004_camera003.RGB_color_evermotion.jpg
Camera 3: post-production (on the left) vs RGB raw render output.




Author: Michał Franczak Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: evermotion archexteriors forest exterior sunny woods
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