Making of a Bathroom in Blue - Tip of the Week

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Breakdown of a scene from Archinteriors vol. 39.



Click on image to enlargeAI39_001_PP_evermotion.jpg

This is a final image after post-production. Blue bathroom with a fancy wooden tub and some industrial vibe on the right (pipes, concrete).



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This is how this scene looks in 3ds Max viewport (with and without wireframe).


I used Wire Fence Script to model the fence. The Road is a long plane which has 10x10x2 FFD box modifier to controll it’s tilt and bend.

Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0053_Layer_5_evermotion.jpg

Main floor mesh with cut-out for tub.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0052_Layer_6_evermotion.jpg

Blue floor material. It's VrayBlend material that mixes two blue materials that vary in glossiness. They are blended with Map#19, seen on the bottom of this screenshot.


I used Z-brush deformation tools to create stone wall. This was my workflow:

Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0051_Layer_7_evermotion.jpg

Blue floor material - coat.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0050_Layer_8_evermotion.jpg

Blue floor material - base.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0049_Layer_9_evermotion.jpg

VrayDirt settings.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0048_Layer_10_evermotion.jpg

Map that blends two materials into one VrayBlend Material.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0047_Layer_11_evermotion.jpg

Room seen from the outside.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0046_Layer_12_evermotion.jpg

Room from the outside. You can also seen rectangural VrayLight that is placed under the ceiling.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0045_Layer_13_evermotion.jpg

Interior without room mesh.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0044_Layer_14_evermotion.jpg

There is a small wooden path placed on a floor.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0043_Layer_15_evermotion.jpg

Wood material (tub and path). It's VrayMaterial with falloff reflection map.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0042_Layer_16_evermotion.jpg

Wood material - falloff settings.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0041_Layer_17_evermotion.jpg

Diffuse bitmap wood material.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0040_Layer_18_evermotion.jpg

Bathroom battery and shower are placed on a concrete block.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0039_Layer_19_evermotion.jpg

Concrete block material.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0038_Layer_20_evermotion.jpg

Tap mesh.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0037_Layer_21_evermotion.jpg

Multi/Sub Object material for tap and it's handle.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0036_Layer_22_evermotion.jpg

Tap material.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0035_Layer_23_evermotion.jpg

Handle material.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0034_Layer_24_evermotion.jpg

Handle mesh.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0033_Layer_25_evermotion.jpg

Front wall mesh.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0032_Layer_26_evermotion.jpg

Front wall mesh - close up.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0031_Layer_27_evermotion.jpg

Front wall material.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0030_Layer_28_evermotion.jpg

Front wall material - VrayEdgesTex.

Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0029_Layer_29_evermotion.jpg

Photo and it's frame.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0028_Layer_30_evermotion.jpg

Photo shader.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0027_Layer_31_evermotion.jpg

Heater mesh.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0026_Layer_32_evermotion.jpg

Heater mesh with wireframe.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0025_Layer_33_evermotion.jpg

Heater mesh - close up.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0024_Layer_34_evermotion.jpg

Heater material. Bump settings (not visible on this screenshot) are set pretty high (266).


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0022_Layer_36_evermotion.jpg

Heater material - diffuse map.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0021_Layer_37_evermotion.jpg

Industrial shelf - a pipe and concrete block.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0020_Layer_38_evermotion.jpg

Pipe material - VrayBlend material that blends some old, worn out metal with a more shiny version.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0019_Layer_39_evermotion.jpg

Pipe material - shiny material settings.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0018_Layer_40_evermotion.jpg

Pipe material - old, rusty metal settings.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0017_Layer_41_evermotion.jpg

Map that blends two materials into one.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0016_Layer_42_evermotion.jpg

Concrete block mesh.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0015_Layer_43_evermotion.jpg

Concrete block material also mixes two different submaterials.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0014_Layer_44_evermotion.jpg

Concrete material - dirty concrete material settings.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0013_Layer_45_evermotion.jpg

Concrete material - dirty concrete falloff map.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0012_Layer_46_evermotion.jpg

Concrete material - white concrete submaterial.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0011_Layer_47_evermotion.jpg

Concrete material - Vraydirt settings.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0010_Layer_48_evermotion.jpg

Door mesh.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0009_Layer_49_evermotion.jpg

Door material.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_S01_0008_Layer_50_evermotion.jpg

Door material - VrayDirt settings.



Click on image to enlargeRENDER_SETTINGS_evermotion.jpg

Render settings.


Click on image to enlargeAI39_001_VrayWireColor_evermotion.jpg

Vray wire color layer, it's handy in post-production to mask objects in Photoshop.



Click on image to enlargeAI39_001_RGB_evermotion.jpg

Raw render.


Click on image to enlargeai39_photoshop_stack_evermotion.jpg

Photoshop post-production. Curves layer for increasing brightness of lighter tones, subtel desaturation (-14), with the help of wirecolor layer we could separate the ceiling and make it a bit darker with Levels 3 layer.Levels 2 layer brightens a bit baskets on the left. layer two is vignette and the top layer gives a slight blue tint to the whole image.



Click on image to enlargeAI39_001_PP_evermotion.jpg

Final result. camera 5.


Author: Michał Franczak Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: archinteriors bathroom ai39 blue
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David8211:16:19  |  13-06-2016
Is the whole scene LIT only with 1 vray light, or am i missing something?
kmwhitt18:09:33  |  14-06-2016
I was interested in the lighting setup too. Seems they skipped over it.


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