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Evermotion Challenge 2015 Winners Announcement!

Michał Franczak 2016-02-01 14:58 article  > Challenge2015

Let's see the most beautiful lofts scenes!

Five judges have chosen six best works - three main prizes and three awards.

Our jury:

  • Alex Roman (CG Artist),
  • Ciro Sannino (Official V-Ray Instructor),
  • Jakub Dabrowski (Evermotion CG Artist)
  • Michał Horba (Evermotion CG Artist)
  • Barbara Witkowska (Evermotion CG Artist)

Let's see who's got the most attention of jury!

1st place -  Robert Filipowicz - link to Challenge thread

Read "Making of Steampunk Loft" by Robert Filipowicz

Click on image to enlarge RobertFilipowicz.jpg

Robert Filipowicz


Michał Horba: I liked your work very much so there was no hesitation to give it max points! Congratulations man. I love stempunk and this loft is really in mood. Good composition and color balance.There are some lacks in geometry subdivisions in some elements but it's no big issue. Keep up the good work!

Kuba Dąbrowski: I think this is the most interesting work, good idea, interesting design, solid texturing and lighting.

Barbara Witkowska: Perfectly finished illustration. Well crafted from overall composition till tiniest details. Great show of artist's imagination, wonder what an individualist may live in such a place! Congratulations.

Ciro Sannino: Very original image, full of interesting details. This strange machine looks great with that light.

Alex Roman: A very very interesting new approach! Steampunk and awesome photo composition matches perfectly here. 

Robert Filipowicz will get prizes worth €6468

  • €1000 in cash from Evermotion
  • 5 EVERMOTION collections of winner's choose
  • RandomControl Arion for 3ds Max or Rhinoceros (contestant's choice) + Arion stand-alone + ArionFX for Photoshop – €885,00 / €1085,00
  • Commercial V-Ray license for a platform of choice worth €750
  • 2 years of Corona Renderer - 3ds Max: FairSaaS License (1 Workstation + 3 Nodes, €579,98)
  • AXYZ Design an(i)ma + 10 compatible human 3d models (total worth €629)
  • Learnvray.com - 5SRW Full Course ($600)
  • Rebusfarm 650 render credits (worth €650)
  • MadCar license (€400)
  • MultiScatter license (€200)
  • 8000 Render Points at RenderBuzz.com (€197)
  • "The Third and The Seventh: From Bits to the Lens" book by Alex Roman (€100)
  • Fox RenderFarm Rendering Credits for €600


2nd place - Elena Valeria Nedelcu - link to Challenge thread.

Read "Making of Balerina Loft" by Elena Nedelcu

Click on image to enlarge evnvis.jpg

Elena Valeria Nedelcu


Michał Horba: The idea of your loft is very interesting, but in my opinion too white and too clean. I like the feminin touch though and a huge plus is that there is no intrusive postproduction. Good light balance and models! Keep it up! Cheers!

Kuba Dąbrowski: Very solid work, good lighting, many details, great quality.

Barbara Witkowska: Outstanding work with innovative approach to the loft theme. Charming picture with its unique mood created by the snowy winter outside, a pleasant mild light and pastel colours of the room. Tells a lot about a person who lives in there. The author at the same time presents wide variety of technical skills: hard and organic modeling, cloths, shading and texturing with attention to details. Well done!

Ciro Sannino: Definitely my favorite work! This is not simply beautiful, and technically stunning. The concept is fully respected and the colors are perfectly managed. This is Magic!

Alex Roman: What to say about this wonderful kind of piece of art. Clear winner for me. From the comp to the magnificient colour palette going through a absolutely peaceful sense of lighting. Simply beautiful.

Elena Valeria Nedelcu will get prizes worth €4198

  • €750 in cash from Evermotion
  • 5 EVERMOTION collections of winner's choose
  • RandomControl Arion stand-alone + ArionFX for Photoshop – €290
  • 1-year V-Ray license for a platform of choice worth €380
  • 1 year of Corona Renderer - 3ds Max: FairSaaS License (1 Workstation + 3 Nodes, €289,99)
  • AXYZ Design an(i)ma + 5 compatible human 3d models (total worth €439)
  • MadCar License (€400)
  • Learnvray.com - Advanced V-Ray Course (330$)
  • Rebusfarm 250 render credits (worth €250)
  • MultiScatter license (€200)
  • 6000 Render Points at RenderBuzz.com (€147,6)
  • "The Third and The Seventh: From Bits to the Lens" book by Alex Roman (€100)
  • Fox RenderFarm Rendering Credits for €250


3rd place - Yarko Kushta - link to Challenge thread

Click on image to enlarge yarko.jpg

Yarko Kushta


Michał Horba: The mood, the propping, the lighting - these are the strong points of your work. I liked your loft very much - especially the industrial, raw feel. Also the other shoots of this flat were very good.Congrats!

Kuba Dąbrowski: Detailed work with a climate. Some textures and shaders lack in quality. Postprocesing is a bit overdone for me. 

Barbara Witkowska: Realistic lighting, design and high level of technical skills is what sets this piece of art apart from the others.

Ciro Sannino: Very realistic result. Light is fantastic and I really appreciated the artist in person present in a shot. I liked the idea to tell a story.

Alex Roman: Outstanding understanding of shaders and lighting. I think it breathes a superior CG atmosphere.

Yarko Kushta will receive prizes worth €2518

  • €500 in cash from Evermotion
  • 5 EVERMOTION collections of winner's choose
  • RandomControl ArionFX for Photoshop – €95
  • 1-year V-Ray license for a platform of choice worth €380
  • 6 months of Corona Renderer - 3ds Max: FairSaaS License (1 Workstation + 3 Nodes, €144,99)
  • AXYZ Design an(i)ma (total worth €249)
  • Book: "Photography & Rendering with V-Ray" / Author Ciro Sannino / Publisher GC Edizioni ($80)
  • Rebusfarm 100 render credits (worth €100)
  • MultiScatter license (€200)
  • 3000 Render Points at RenderBuzz.com (€73,8)
  • "The Third and The Seventh: From Bits to the Lens" book by Alex Roman (€100)
  • Fox RenderFarm Rendering Credits for €150


1st Award - Lucia Frascerra  - link to Challenge thread

Read "Making of Tea Time" by Lucia Frascerra

Click on image to enlarge LuciaFrascerra.jpg

Lucia Frascerra


Michał Horba: Very nice mood and it has a  story in it! Good job! I like the modeling , compositon and this mysterious look in that lady's eyes:) It makes me wonder what is on that canvas? :) Cheers!

Kuba Dąbrowski: I really like the theme of this work. Great attention to detail. 

Barbara Witkowska: 'Plus' for attempting to put a character into the scene. The author managed to catch a little bit of emotions in it, make me want to look at that girl's painting too. Nice, clear composition and lighting, unquestionable technical skills. Great!

Ciro Sannino: Lucia did a really good work! Composition is great, simple and really effective. Light  and Materials as well. What does happen with the painting? That's a real climb! :)

Alex Roman: From the accurate use of one point perspective (superb) to the amazing attention to detail... Bravo!

Lucia Frascerra will receive:

  • "The Third and The Seventh: From Bits to the Lens" book by Alex Roman
  • Evermotion collection
  • 1000 Render Points at RenderBuzz.com


2nd award - Peter Sivi - link to Challenge thread

Click on image to enlarge psivi.jpg

Peter Sivi


Michał Horba: The cat made that scene man;) Just kidding, there is a lot more into it. Great composition, kinky story (yes, there is a naked girl) and mood. I just like it! Keep doing such nice stuff!

Kuba Dąbrowski: Good composition, fine details, funny cat. 

Barbara Witkowska: Great photorealistic lighting. Shading and modeling are on the highest level. Tricky framing that leads a viewer's eye deeper into the picture to discover if there's something more off the camera. Very subtle!

Ciro Sannino: Good work, I really liked the composition and especially the back light which is very difficult to handle. He did it perfectly.

Alex Roman: Moment and atmosphere perfectly caught. Stunning work.

Peter Sivi will receive:

  • "The Third and The Seventh: From Bits to the Lens" book by Alex Roman
  • Evermotion collection
  • 1000 Render Points at RenderBuzz.com


3rd Award - Artur Saljukov - link to Challenge thread

Click on image to enlarge Arsal.jpg

Artur Saljukov


Michał Horba: Good job man! The loft is very industrial and it has a strong composition. What a pity there is no story there. It would be nice to see something going on. I like the mood and models. There are also some poor materials, but in total it's a strong image! Cheers!

Kuba Dąbrowski: Overall a solid work, but there are some weak spots in materials and textures. 

Barbara Witkowska: Dramatic lighting combined with a great composition caches viewer's eye right from the very first glimpse. It gracefully invites into the place that probably belongs to some kind of a music connoisseur.

Ciro Sannino: I liked how Artur handled the back light. Especially in a low key images this isn't easy at all. Congratulations!

Alex Roman: For me one of my top favorites kind of artwork. The deepness of the space thanks to the shaders and lighting has to metioned for sure. The darkest silhouettes in the foreground..... Awesome.

Artur Saljukov will receive:

  • Evermotion collection
  • 1000 Render Points at RenderBuzz.com

Congratulations to all winners and our sponsors!

logo_245_65.jpgAXYZ Design established in 2004 develops state-of-the-art 3D products especially for CG artists, architects and designers, including Metropoly, a line of 3D ready posed and animatable characters, and an(i)ma®, the fastest Stand-Alone character animation software in the industry.


Chaos Group creates physically-based rendering and simulation software for artists and designers. Founded in 1997 in Bulgaria, Chaos Group has devoted the last 18 years to helping artists advance the speed and quality of one of their most important tools. Today, Chaos Group’s photorealistic rendering software, V-Ray®, has become the rendering engine of choice for many high-profile companies and innovators in the visual effects and design industries. Thanks to the great work of the V-Ray community, V-Ray-created designs have become nearly inescapable for everyone with access to a TV, computer, or movie ticket. For more information, please visit www.chaosgroup.com and www.v-ray.com.

corona_logo.jpgCorona Renderer - Corona Renderer is a new high-performance (un)biased photorealistic renderer, available for Autodesk 3ds Max.
We at Corona believe that artists at every level should get top-class tools which are powerful, intuitive, and affordable. That’s how we have designed and built the Corona Renderer. It features an intuitive user interface and unmatched state-of-the-art, fully featured interactive rendering. Corona Renderer delivers predictable, reliable, and physically plausible results with no compromises in quality.
Our mission with Corona Renderer is to liberate users from the technical, unnatural process that rendering was in the past. We are constantly trying to simplify the creative process by removing or hiding any unnecessary technical settings, so artists can focus on their vision.

icube_logo.JPGiCube R&D Group brings together leading  Russian 3d visualisation companies to develop and provide cutting edge and affordable tools for 3D visualisation industry. Our team is made up of highly qualified programmers and 3d artists who work together to bring 3d visualization into a new level. Our recent developments include VRayScatter for Maya, AutoWrinkles, MultiScatter, MadCar, CityTraffic, VRayPattern and SplineLand.

cgworld_logo_245_65_1.jpgLearnvray.com is the only V-Ray Training Center Online, supported by instructors licensed by Chaos Group. Learnvray aims to train real 3d photographers, using V-Ray in structured and methodological way, thanks to the 5SRW method (5-Step Render Workflow). In a short time you will achieve incredible results, please see our student’s gallery. It is available in different languages, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Indonesian, German and Portuguese.
The study cycle completes with the official certification "5SRW for V-Ray", which test the user's ability to work methodically, following a photographic and artistic approach.


Founded in 2007, RAYVISION Inc. (Fox Renderfarm) is one of the world's largest cloud computing and rendering solution providers for both the motion picture and animation industries. With its proprietary multiple patent cloud computing technology, RAYVISION has become one of the leading rendering solution providers with thousands of super powerful computing nodes. The company provides customized platform and infrastructure level services specifically tailored for motion picture and animation companies, with clients in over 40 countries and thousands of projects per year, our Academy Award (Oscar) winning support and great customer experience has earned RAYVISION a great reputation in the industry. In 2015, RAYVISION formed a global strategic partnership with Aliyun (Alibaba Cloud Computing) to provide global visual cloud computing services.

randomcontrol.jpgRandomControl is a team of people who share a passion for computer graphics, 3D technology, and real-time applications. In fact, the core of the R&D team is made of engineers with a life-long relationship with the world of coding and visualization.
As a result of this passion and experience, we are the creators of Arion, our flagship rendering technology. RandomControl is a spanish company located in Madrid.

banner_logo_296x77.jpgRebusfarm - The Rebus Render Farm instantly provides you with 3,000 XEON CPUs to render your animations and still-images.
No matter which 3D-application you're using: Our Render Farm supports them all! We're the only Render Farm that utilizes a system which seamlessly integrates into your 3D software.

renderbuzz_logo296x77.jpgRenderbuzz.com is an easy-to-use rendering service, available 24/7! We support the most popular 3D environments along with the most commonly used plugins! Just create an account, log in and send scene using our wizard available for registered users or by the exporter dedicated to your 3D application. 3D scene is automatically verified and rendering progress can be watched on your own profile or through a mobile application on your phone/tablet (available on GooglePlay)! Don’t hesitate and find us on social media for newest updates!

Ever_Ch_Logo_FBT_240_65.jpgThe Third and The Seventh: From Bits to the Lens synthesizes in 232 pages limited edition book the art and philosophy behind Alex Roman’s “T&S” shortfilm. After more than one year work, Alex can finally bring this unique piece of art that combines 120+ beautifully hi-res CG prints with thoughts, procedures, theoretical principles and his own personal preferences after many years of trial and error condensed into 6 different chapters.   From the initial planning and modeling stage through to the render and post-production stage, touching upon key themes such as lighting and the virtual creation of vegetation. The so-called practical part of the book is based 100% on the VRay rendering engine inside 3dsMax.

Media coverage:

cgrecord_240.pngCG Record - Coputer Graphics online Newspaper



Untitled_slider_00005_1.jpg V-Ray Workshop group.



ejezeta_logo_evermotion_challenge_2015_dark.png Ejezeta.cl




Author: Michał Franczak Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: challenge 2015
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werfa3d 15:09:38  |  02-02-2016
all jobs are Wonderful , but there is a limit equipment or time limit for delivery ?
mati-bor 15:23:08  |  02-02-2016
3rd award winner my personal favourite. Congratz for all the winners! Really good level.
صهيب محمد 16:18:53  |  02-02-2016
Nice job Great Work, Until the Next Time ;)
alfreddoozz 16:19:27  |  02-02-2016
congrats for the winners ! awesome job :D 3rd and 4th award winners were my favorites.
inkimiaei 16:26:30  |  02-02-2016
Congrats to all the winners , Nice job , and the jury statements are very helpful for us to learn what are the aspects that we need to improve in our next competitions. Best regards to the organisers , juries and the winners , and good luck to all the participants in the future competitions.
bern20 17:04:05  |  02-02-2016
awesome - congrats for all
Johnny Em 17:05:12  |  02-02-2016
Congratulations to the winners!!! The first entry was like a scene from a movie!!! Well done Robert Filipowicz!!! Keep on rendering everyone, till next time!!
xbuf 19:35:02  |  02-02-2016
gratz to the winners :) you deserved it! :)
RobertFilip 00:14:57  |  03-02-2016
Huh....I was very surprised when I looked at the competition results. I would like to congratulate all the participants who have brought their projects to an end. There have been created lots of truely amazing pieces of art! Thus, I really apprieciate it that my work has been recognized and chosen by the jury. I would like to thank Barbara Witkowska, Michał Horba and Kuba Dąbrowski for such big words. Thanks to everyone who has supported me with their opinions. It gave me a kick to complete this project. It was pleasure to participate in this competition!
Roncla 09:49:35  |  03-02-2016
Wow - such awesome pieces of work! Congratulation to all the winners! Comparing this artwork with my entry shows clearly that there is room for improvement for me ... Ron
evnvis 19:09:09  |  03-02-2016
Thank you everybody for the kind words. Thank you so much to all the artists in the jury - Michał Horba, Kuba Dąbrowski, Barbara Witkowska, and special thanks to Alex Roman and Ciro Sannino for their comments - it's like I'm dreaming, I don't know how am I gona get back to reality now :D . I used to worship their work since the time when I was starting to learn CGI and later on... just aiming to get there, at that level. I'm still aiming for that now but I also feel so grateful, so honored, it's completely overwhelming! THANK YOU!!
Thoanga 11:56:40  |  17-02-2016
Incredible work and congrats to the winners. inspiring!!!