LumenRT 2015 released

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Read about new features.

Features list:

  • Dynamic Immersive Visualization Engine - DIVE - Dynamic Immersive Visualization Engine (DIVE) combines E-On Software’s industry leading software for digital nature. 3D atmospheres, sculptable terrains, and PlantFactory vegetation combined form a powerful solution that delivers higher levels of natural realism with cutting-edge real-time rendering.
  • LumenRT Live: Share LiveCubes - With LumenRT Live, your LiveCubes can be shared with everyone using any web browser. This revolutionary new technology enables interactive 3D LiveCubes to be explored and navigated on any web connected device (e.g. PC or tablet) with performance that rivals high-end gaming PC’s.
  • Interactive Authoring and Editing- Authoring and edit directly inside the LiveCube™. Add plants, vehicles and characters as easily as painting with a brush. Edit individual material properties or load pre-made materials from the LumenRT material library.
  • Sculptable Terrains - A variety of terrains are now available to start off all LumenRT scenes. Easily customize each terrain by scultping the land and painting with your choice of several material presets by just a swipe of the brush tool.
  • Seasonal Plant Factory Vegetation- Move the date slider and watch the foliage turn from spring to fall. LumenRT 2015 utilizes e-on’s industry leading Plant Factory™ technology and allows users to create their own custom plants and trees with the optional Plant Factory Add-on.
  • Graphisoft ArchiCAD Integration - E-on software is pleased to announce support for Graphisoft ArchiCAD, one of leading BIM systems in use today. The ArchiCAD LumenRT plugin exports all ArchiCAD models and BIM information and includes a complete LumenRT content library. Supports ArchiCAD 17 and 18.
  • BIM “In-A-Box" - LumenRT 2015 incorporates a much richer set of BIM information and capabilities including attributes, layers and section planes.
  • Animation Paths - Any object in LumenRT can be fully animated using the innovative animation path painter. Simply select an object and paint the desired animation path by clicking waypoints anywhere in the scene.
  • Advanced Vehicle Traffic Animation Support- Included in LumenRT GeoDesign is the ability to import MicroStation Traffic and VISSIM animation paths for large scale traffic simulations. Additionally, LumenRT 2015 contains enhanced support for jitter-free pavement markings.
  • Animated 3D Skies and Water- LumenRT 2015 contains fully animated 3D skies with adjustable cloud densities and patterns. A more life-like sea water generator has been added with adjustable wave patterns and shore foam.
  • Enhanced Content Library- The new LumenRT 2015 content library features a huge array of indoor and outdoor objects and many new fully animated characters, animals, vehicles. Vehicles now have moving wheels and lights.

More info:

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