Iray plugins for 3ds Max and Maya

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The Iray that comes with 3ds Max is actually a rendering mode of mental ray.

As NVIDIA released a new paid iray version, it brought siome confusion to community. In a recent post on the subject on Autodesk’s Area, NVidia’s Director of Advanced Rendering Products Phillip Miller shares information clarifying why the plugins were developed and the additional features they provide. 


As Phillip Miller states: We just came out with the new Iray for 3ds Max plugin to allow everyone to use the full Iray engine. The Iray that comes with 3ds Max is actually a rendering mode of mental ray, and goes through it for translation. As a result, it's not as quick to start or interactive as the Iray you find in products like Catia, Bunkspeed or even Daz Studio now. It also doesn't have access to the rich material capabilities of MDL, the ability to scale beyond the local machine for distributed rendering (be it interactive or batch), or optional very fast "interactive" ray tracing mode.

We also like that we're now able to bring you our latest functionality and performance across Max versions, and you will see support for Max 2015 and 2014 coming out later this month. Those using earlier Max versions will see their Iray performance double on recent GPUs. 


More on Autodesk’s Area.



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