Nvidia RTX revealed - cinematic quality with realtime raytracing

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New graphics technology will change realtime rendering.

Nvidia RTX will be available in game engines, like Unreal, Unity or Northlight on Volta and newer, yet, unknown graphics cards (for now it's working on Titan V).

Nvidia partnered with Microsoft to bring this technology to Windows users with the latest update of Direct X 12 (DirectX Raytracing - DXR).

Epic Games already announced that they partnered with Nvidia and their Unreal Engine 4 will support RTX technology. More news about it are coming soon.

Building believable environments will be easier than ever - developers will be able to use rasterization and raytracing in one engine and generate great wuality graphics in realtime.

Here is technical demo of Nvidia RTX implemented in Northlight engine:


With raytracing we will get more realistic lighting bounces, reflections, fluorescence. Raytracing means realistic behaviour of light in your game engine of choice.. It also means better transparency and refraction.

AMD also announced that it works on the realtime raytracing solution (unnamed yet) that will deliver high performance on any combination of modern CPU and GPU cards.

It will take a while before it will be used widely in games or even in arch-viz bussiness - currently the only graphic cards that use this technology are those based on Volta chip. The only consumer graphic cards on the market with this chip is Titan V, which costs, well, a lot. We all wait for Nvidia to announce the next generation of GPUs, but it can take a while. And with all crypto-currency hype, we can expect that these cards will be expensive too and probably hard to buy for the following months. However, the future of realtime rendering looks very promising.


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