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This is already the ninth week of challenges put on by Fabio Palvelli. Continuing the trend of shaking things up, this week's topic was Digital Fashion - inspired by the work of Amin Farah, co-founder of Theblacklab. He was also kind enough to supply some assets for the entrants to use in their work.

For the live judging show, WE HAD jASON bERGERON, Irma Buttitta, Pavlina Vardoulaki Pryor, and Marco Bartolucci. Check it out below if you didn't catch it live.



After each judge chose their own top 10 from the 83 entries, there were total 30 images left to start the judging.Judges quickly reduced it to 20 images via voice vote and top ten after much further discussion.

Then comes the hardest part of each week - each judge must unilaterally decide on one image to remove from the top 10. From the remaining top 5, we vote. The method of voting we use is simple. Each judge orders the remaining five images from 1st to 5th place. Those votes are tallied up, resulting in the final order.

This week was another close one, and Fabio was called in to give his votes to help break a tie. The final tally was clear with first place coming in with 9 points, second place with 12 points, and third place with 17. Rounding out the top 5 were fourth place with 18 points and fifth place with 19.

The winning entry from Patrick Vogel.




The second place entry from Stefano D'Arco.


The third place entry from Ludovico Palmeri.


The fourth place entry from Stanislaw Ignaciuk.


The fifth place entry from Koke Nunez.



Make sure to join the D2 Community Facebook Group to see a gallery of all top 20 images!

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