Marvelous Designer 9 released

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Equipped with new features such as GPU Simulation, Retopology, Half Pattern Symmetry, Subdivision and many others.

Top image: A Reverse Film by SOMEI

Marvelous Designer 9 will enable more efficient pipelines. 

Marvelous Designer 9 Features:

  • GPU Simulation - Select Simulate (GPU) for faster Simulation when working on a 3D Garment.
  • Retopology - Draw topology lines on a pattern and create a new mesh.
  • Half Pattern Symmetry - Edit a single pattern symmetrically based on its center line.
  • Subdivision - Subdivide mesh of selected area.
  • Mirror Creation - Symmetrically create polygons, internal polygon patterns.
  • Environment Display 3D (Improved) - Environment Display 3D on the 3D window.
  • Pattern Making Tools (Improved) - Pattern Making tools are merged to a group menu.
  • Texure Bake (Improved)
  • Create Buttonholes along Pattern Outline (Improved)

Author: Press Release Editor: Michał Franczak
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