3ds Max 2020.2 Update

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Better import from Sketchup and chamfer improvements.

Autodesk has updated its documentation revealing the features of the latest update to 3DS Max. Version 2020.2 adds a new Sketchup importer that supports any version of Sketchup. The previous importer only supported Sketchup up to version 2014.

Chamfer modifier improvements:

  • Updates include new corner mitering types Patch and Radial which provide higher-resolution quadrilateral intersections.
  • The Invert and Open options now work for all miter types.
  • The new vertex chamfering implementation respects any set segment count or depth.
  • New chamfer options are now available in Editable Poly: Uniform, End Bias, Radial Bias, Tension, and Depth

Importing SketchUp files:

  • A new importer allows any version of SketchUp files to be imported into 3ds Max, whereas the legacy importer can only import files up to SketchUp 2014.
  • Able to maintain compatibility with future versions.

Synchronize with Display Mode:

  • New viewport background mode
  • Automatically uses the Environment background.
  • If Environment background is black, displays a gradient background.
  • Some displays modes are exceptions.

Animation and performance

  • Performance has been notably improved in creating keys, Trackview, Slate UI, and file reset."Average weights" has been renamed to "Normalize weights." List controller evaluation is now just as fast regardless of whether the "Average Weight" option (now "Normalize weights") is on or off.

You can read more about these features on 3DS Max 2020’s site


Author: Press release Editor: Michał Franczak
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