Autodesk will release an open source 3d printer this year

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...and open source software platform for it too!

Autodesk annouced two contributions for 3d printing world. First is Spark - an open 3D printing platform that will make it easier for hardware manufacturers, software developers, materials scientists, product designers, and more to participate in and benefit from this technology.

As Autodesk states:

With Spark, we want to enable the acceleration of innovation in 3D printing so that everyone can have even better experiences faster, and make 3D printing accessible and relevant to millions, if not billions, of people.

Spark should make controlling the printing process easier. It connects digital information to 3D printers in a new and streamlined way, making it easier to visualize prints and optimize them without trial and error, while also broadening the range of materials that can be used for printing. And because the Spark platform is open, everyone can use its building blocks to further push the limits of 3D printing and drive fresh innovation. As In the fold states - Spark will be open and freely licensable to hardware manufacturers and others who are interested.

The second news is that Autodesk wants to release its 3D Printer and it should hit the market this year.

Just as mobile devices and apps work seamlessly together, the 3D design software and 3D printer need to work in close partnership. As a reference for the capability of Spark, we’re also introducing a 3D printer built on the platform and setting a new benchmark for the 3D printing user experience.

Autodesk declares that it will be simple to integrate new materials into printer, and that company will make the design files for the printer available so others can iterate on and enhance its capabilities.

If you are interested in working with Autodesk on Spark and 3d printing, sign up at

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mamali13200219:01:22  |  15-05-2014
F**k Autodesk ! i hope they release softimage as open source 3d software


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