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E-Cycles is a fork of Cycles which renders about twice as fast when using CUDA.

It is available in full weekly builds based on Blender 2.7x and 2.8x just like the buildbots, with support.

With E-Cycles, you can:

  • render 1.7x up to 2.4x faster with CUDA and regular path tracing, using the same settings or render much more realistic images in the same time as the normal release (see table in the FAQfor more details)
  • render cleaner images at the same sample count or have the same noise as official Blender
  • spare time by using auto tile size
  • buy a much cheaper and more quiet GPU yet having the same performance as the big onethe improvements will be submitted to the Blender Foundation after a year


E-Cycles live viewport rendering in different Evermotion’s scenes:


Original scene from Evermotion rendered with E-Cycles, a very optimized version of Cycles, the render engine of Blender. Each frame took 1 min 54 sec to render. The original version using official Blender takes 16 min 34 sec per frame on the same configuration.



*times from the 2080Ti are from HardwareLuxx.

You can buy E-Cycles now on Gumroad based on Blender 2.8x or Blender 2.7x  to get all the features that will come in 2019. Their is also a monthly option for 2.8x.

Author: Press Release Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: blender cycles evermotion
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Amazing article


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