Brick Visual: Enhancing Architectural Visualization

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Creating applications that improve pipeline and visualization capabilities.

Watch presentation by Atilla Cselovszki and Peter Sarhidai from Brick Company made during Total Chaos 2018 conference organized by Chaos Group in Sofia.

Architectural visualization as an industry is still in its infancy, and we’re still in the process of defining industry standards to make it easy for both our clients and ourselves. In 2017 Brick established a standalone research and development department. In this presentation, we’ll introduce their activity through some case study examples. 

Brick Visual creates VR and AR applications for visualizing architecture with added interactivity. It also uses tracking to compose real footage with 3d environment.

Atilla Cselovszki and Peter Sarhidai talk also about project management system that is implemented in Brick Visual company and Pulze - new software family for arch-viz artists, including scene Manager, Node Manager and more.



Author: Chaos Group Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: brick vr
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Sketchrender13:07:22  |  10-08-2018
All looks great, but I am right in saying that they are selling a service and the app works through that. So they are not really selling the app per say, you have to work with them to get it to work.
Attila Cselovszki12:47:29  |  14-08-2018
Hi Sketchrender, In case of the VR/AR Apps you are almost right. Most preferably we are selling a full service. But keep in mind that these apps are just tech demos so you can order your own tailor made version and you can fill it up with your own content. It is just a matter of your decision.


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