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Brick releases Pulze.

Did you ever got lost in your scene, rendered the wrong camera with bad resolution and forgot to turn on the required layers ?

As your scene gets bigger and more complicated the harder it gets to stay organised. It lets you control the most important parts of your workflow in your 3d scene. With the aid of Scene Manager you can streamline your workflow and manage complicated scenes through an easy to use interface. It provides features for individuals as well as big teams.

Scene manager is a highly compatible tool. Use it with various essential softwares and programs, such as:

  • 3ds Max
  • V-Ray
  • Corona

Coming soon: Revit, Rhinoceros, Sketchup, Unity.

Scene Manager brings together all important settings that are scattered throughout a 3d application and brings them together in a unified interface. Here you can see it working inside 3ds Max.


Key Features

  • Fresh and Modern UI - an easy to use mobile app-like user interface that is unified across all the supported platforms, ensuring a fluent and natural experience.
  • Modular - Every option in the Scene Manager is organised and grouped into modules. Cameras, Lights, Layers or Output settings can be organised to fit your current workflow.
  • Fetch Settings - When Scene Manager is not used from the beginning of a project, it could take some time to transfer and arrange dozens of cameras and lighting situations. This is where the fetch feature can speed up your workflow. In case of an animation you can auto create all the setups from the selected cameras.
  • Hdri Browser - Search and apply your Hdri-s through the built in browser. Use the thumbnails for instant design decisions.
  • Batch Render - Render your images one by one with different lighting, layers, output paths or even with different render elements. With the help of Batch Render you can easily manage them at the same time.
  • Import / Export - Change specific setups across teams, colleagues or remotely working freelancers. Scene Manager will gather and export all the necessary models, lights and cameras involved, to make importing and merging smooth on the other end.

Use Cases:

  • Multi Camera Scenes - Navigation through large scenes with dozens of cameras and settings
  • Animation - Manager the timeline per camera
  • Lookdev - Prepare and batch render various setups when experimenting on an image
  • Self Commenting - Take notes or create small todo lists for yourself or your team members

More information on pulze.io.

Author: Press Release Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: pulze
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