Unreal Sizzle Reel Spring 2018

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Featuring Evermotion Archinteriors for Unreal Engine.

The latest high-quality visualizations, VR experiences and branded entertainment, crossing industries such as automotive, aviation, architecture, big data, consumer electronics, film, live performance and more. 

This reel includes also shots from Evermotion Archinteriors for Unreal Engine vol. 4 - five inspiring spaces.

Unreal Engine is gaining popularity in arch-viz solutions. The latest survey made by CGArchitect shows that it gained 10% popularity in the industry during last two years. And even more companies considers using it in future architectural visualization projects. It is still less popular than linear renderers such as V-Ray and Corona which are used by 90% of visualizers), but it notes steady growth, due to increasing rendering quality and features. 



Check out our Unreal Engine tutorials and scene breakdowns.


Author: Epic Games Editor: Michał Franczak
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