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Now you can download 70 hybrid scans of various grounds and walls from Source Library.

From sandy beaches to rocky ridges covered with seaweed to old stone cottage walls to moldy wood docks, we designed our own process of capture, processing and exposed-parameter tweaks to deliver high quality materials in 4K.


The critical aspect in creating digital material from scan is the actual quality of the images you capture of the real material. The final material or texture quality will always be dependent on the images we use as an input. Allegorithmic captured a total of 7671 images in 36MP resolution of more than 50 different environments from organic and natural scenes like beaches and pine forest floors as well as more urban landscapes like walls, roads and doors. Each texture is an aggregate of 60 to 200 images. From all the rushes developers assembled the data into a pre-processing pipeline to create orthophotos with information about color and terrain elevation. Pipeline automatically performs image delighting operations as well as height corrections from pre-processed maps directly in Substance Designer.



  • Various scale textures ranging from 50cm x 50cm to 3mx3m. 
  • Custom templates in Substance Designer to crop, tile and clean the image inputs
  • What you will be able to download on Substance Source are hybrid materials, all in 4K resolution, with custom parameters for each material that allow you to tweak the texture to achieve a wide range of look and feel.









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Author: Allegorithmic Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: substance materials source
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