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cebas Visual Technology Inc. announces the release of thinkingParticles version 6 Subscription Drop 5.

Drop 5 Main New Operators : VolumeBreaker Clustering

Paint and smash 'em with VB Clustering - the flexibility to set fragment particles into different breakage cluster and make them appear more natural or have specific patterns. Procedurally-created volumeBreaker cells can be now merged with an existing raster to get a more homogenous look to the fragments. 

ShapeNoise : deformation at your command

Call it procedural deformation if you will, with this new addition, ShapeNoise Operator gives you the power to add a deformation to any particle shape’s area and edges. This operator offers many features to control and modify how a particle shape (mesh) can be displaced or changed in a way that enhances the look and feel of a VB broken mesh debris, right to each and every particle.

FlowEmitter: consistency and flexibility in fluid effects

FlowEmitter resolves a current effects challenge in the market, that is how to achieve constant flow of fluid particle effects in an animation. With TP 6.5’s FlowEmitter, even with changes in the rate of particles generated, constant flow is now achieved, while preserving the distance between each particle. By itself, the FlowEmitter serves as an all-purpose particle generator. 

ParticleLight: Omni lighting with shadows

PLight - for a visual artist, lights play an important role in any animation or visual effects setup. Controlling lights is key to making awesome shots and creating depth and character in visuals. The PLight Operator can turn any particle into a real Omni light type along with proper shadow casting. 

HydroField flow ‘collisions’ and realistic foaming effects

Physically-accurate transfer of momentum between fluid particles and rigid bodies is resolved and can be seen in real time simulation. The enhanced Multi-Physics Objects engulfed within a fluid will start to rise or sink depending on their specific physical properties, and all these are adjustable. 

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