Creating fly-by through an asteroids field

Eosacro 2013-09-26 10:15 tutorial  > Making of  > modeling

NUKE tutorial, covering particles, sprites and rendering.

This video shows you how to make use of particles and other techniques to quickly make a space flight through asteroids. This video covers 3D basics in nuke like particles, sprites and rendering.

The different things covered in this video include:

  • Planning the shot & collecting resources
  • Blocking out the shot in Nuke
  • Setting up the particle emitter
  • Creating the asteroid particles & assigning textures
  • Create channels that drive particle properties
  • Dust cloud using particles, modulating the color and other properties using textures
  • Rendering techniques for similar shots.

The particle fundamentals video by The Foundry:

The resources used in the video:

Author: Eosacro
Tags: nuke particles
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