Speed 3D Interior Decorating in Unreal Engine 4

Maverick 2015-08-04 08:28 tutorial  > Unreal Engine  > misc

Maverick decorates interior using Evermotion Unreal Bundle.

You can download Unreal Engine Bundle from Evermotion Shop.

Author: Maverick Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: unreal
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d7man200015:44:46  |  04-08-2015
Looks great. I have a question about Unreal Engine 4. I did not follow 3d for some time and I am trying to catch up. Is Unreal Engine 4 free to use? (for a personal use, I am not a studio making $100,000) Can you export a scene so it can be played back in a player? Thanks, Kris.
dr_After15:46:46  |  04-08-2015
@d7man2000 - yes, UE is free to use and you can export executable that is player. You can also add interactivity - turning on and off lamps, changing colors of walls, etc...
d7man200015:49:58  |  04-08-2015
Thanks dr_After, for a reply. Looks like Unreal has a great potential.
fco3d17:10:06  |  04-08-2015
After exporting from REVIT how did you cleaned the overlapping geometry and create the light maps?


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