Cloth mesh to quadify mesh

Vimeo 2014-02-07 10:12 tutorial  > 3ds MAX  > modeling

This is a simple way to conver cloth mesh to Quadify mesh .

You can download script "slideknit" from

Also,you can find "MarvelousTool" from

Author: Vimeo Editor: Michal Franczak
Tags: cloth
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garipodelu13:56:47  |  07-02-2014
Can't you do this directly in Max if you use the graphite modelling tools?
djvillar17:43:03  |  09-02-2014
How do you maintain the mapping brought in from MD?
djvillar01:01:13  |  10-02-2014
Does this process take forever for anyone else... it just hangs, even though my processor is only using 11% and 25% of my ram.
kimm_8211:09:52  |  19-02-2014
thank you
craz812:21:03  |  31-03-2014
The link for the script doesnt work anymore? Is it possible to re-upload?
Fratz3D19:32:03  |  23-04-2014
@djvillar to maintain the mapping from MD when importing into 3dsMax, i think it does automatically. If not, close MD, open your MD file again, export again (maybe using a diffeerent file name), and import again in 3Dsmax. By doing this i fixed my mapping problem everytime (with MarvelousDesigner2).You can try this if you don't resolve your problem yet
Fratz3D03:46:27  |  24-04-2014
Because the link to download slideknit is dead, get it there: But it's a script from 2008, check this out for some more recent feature:


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