Clothify Pro for 3ds Max

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Modeling and animating cloth for 3ds Max.

Marius Silaghi released Clothify Pro - a modifier for 3ds Max that makes modeling and animating cloth easy, controllable, artist-friendly, fast and non-destructive. You get instant results, no waiting around for a simulation to finish. Painful sculpting of cloth can also be avoided.

Edit a parameter and see instantly what it does. Every parameter can be controlled by soft selection, vertex weights or vertex colors.

Any deformation applied underneath the modifier affects the cloth so you can make use of any of the many modifiers 3ds max has like Edit Poly, Skin, FFD, Bend, Affect Region, Path Deform etc. It can also be used with the Freeform brushes. Actually it can be used with anything that deforms the mesh.

Currently it doesn't handle collisions with other objects and self-intersections, although they rarely happen if the underlying mesh isn't self-intersecting. Volume preservation is also not yet available.


Learn more and download on Clothify site. Clothify Pro costs $80 for Indie license and $160 for Pro License (for companies with revenue above $100k).

Author: PR Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: cloth simulation plugin
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