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Evermotion Rendering Competition - Winners announced

qbap 2009-06-15 16:01 tutorial  > Making of  > modeling

Thank you all for participation in our competition. The quality of works is very high and it was very hard to choose only three works.

We present you 12 best works, 3 finalists and 9 featured works.

Thank you all again and wish you good luck.


1st Place - Mia Sani

Prizes for Mia Sani:

* Nvidia quadro FX 1700
* Vray advanced for 3dsmax
* Randomcontrol Fryrender
* Vray the complete guide book


2nd Place - Jan Drozdiak

Prizes for Jan Drozdiak

* Vray the complete guide book
* 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator


3rd Place - Istvan Vastag

Prizes for Istvan Vastag:

* Three Books
o 2008 Beginner to Intermediate
o 2009 Intermediate to Advanced
o 2010 Advanced to Expert


9 featured work

Author: qbap
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qbap15:47:32  |  22-06-2009
Three great exteriors scenes (3ds max + vray) ready to download and render for free :D
rudy coudreau19:37:45  |  22-06-2009
First scene download contains only a cinema4D file.. :-((
IntruderPL02:39:59  |  23-06-2009
no matter - the 1st, third or other place... outstanding work people! Congratulations to all presented. Great work!
Joe Low03:37:32  |  23-06-2009
Hi all, Just to note” before others start to download”, Kizos info, I used the inbuilt contoles for the 32-bit preview to adjust exposure and gamma while rendering but unfortunately cinema doesnt allow saving the adjusted image so I printed the screen(clipboard01.jpg) where you can see the parameters used.Than I cropped the rest and added the stamp in PS. Ok there are Allot of missing textures and files and the project file is corrupted, and the archive is either in unknown format or damaged the project file fails to open. So is the 2nd winner file is incomplete. But 3rd winner Steve Cole is ready for download the files are all there and complete Very well executed for all to enjoy, thank you Steve :)
khmer3d07:27:36  |  23-06-2009
Dear Evermotion, These links for download free very hard files....can't download....need to attach it again, i think. Thanks
e76cfubr08:19:59  |  23-06-2009
is possible to have the complete files in 3d max i don't have cinema 4, or i need to talk whit the winners for the exportation to 3d max. I really want to learn of the betters ! Thanks evermotion for the competition and congratulations for all the people that enjoy this rendering competition!!
qbap09:10:26  |  23-06-2009
We are uploading files on quicker server :)
cococo09:54:35  |  23-06-2009
Hello i can't download my favourite! (the second one) it is very slow.....around 129 hours!!!!!! could you do something? many thanks! PS: these works are amazing!
aymnr10:11:28  |  23-06-2009
Thanks Very much,Its speed now good
cococo10:16:47  |  23-06-2009
it's speed good for the first and the third one but the second is still downloading very slow (about 6,5ko/s)!!!
qbap10:47:49  |  23-06-2009
The 2nd work is still uploading on our quick server. Please be patient :)
jimmyh11:20:42  |  23-06-2009
Is anybody else having trouble opening the third scene?
MAT MASTER12:37:36  |  23-06-2009
wow, why so slow???????
3dmihai15:12:28  |  23-06-2009
hello evermotion, no offense but... I have to say something how can you be that (let's not say stupid). ??? don't you know that .max files are waaay much smaller when you archive them? for example, I downloaded one scene and I found a max file of 133 MB. I made a winrar archive.. and voila: 7MB ONLY 7. so.... think about it And thanks for the scene(s)
nightlight200915:14:21  |  23-06-2009
I have any problem, when I try to open the third.(Out of memory) I have got 4gb RAM, but OS 32bit (max 2009). Any suggestion?
qbap15:17:45  |  23-06-2009
We have some problems with uploading the second work, so it will be available tomorrow in good transfer.
steve_cole15:37:44  |  23-06-2009
If you wants to use my scene, you will need 3ds max 2009sp1, vray 1.5sp2 and the included plugins.You have to be on 64bit. On my computer(Intel Core2Quad Q6600 and 8GB ram) rendertime was 45 minutes about. I think you should forget 32bit platform.
nightlight200915:55:40  |  23-06-2009
Thank you Steve!(koszonom:))
sandiarch17:44:39  |  23-06-2009
johaann17:55:00  |  23-06-2009
hello everybody, sorry for big size of files in my scene, it is caused by one proxy that has over 140 MB, and some tiffs which I was made for closer looks. That proxy has this size even I have used resetXform befor exporting it, but I was not expecting that I will upload it sometimes :). The scene is pretty hungry for RAM, it eats something about 6-7 GB, so like Steven's on 32 bit systems it will crash. I have quadcore 9300 and 8GB of RAM and it tooks about 6-8 hours(I don't remember exactly) to render it. By this way I would like to thanks to evermotion staff for the competiton and everything else. And for others , in my scene there are some models like dining table with glasses and stuff like that and some bar chairs which should be usefull for somebody in visualizations, so I hope you will enjoy those, so Thank everybody for support and Have a nice day ;)
johaann17:58:34  |  23-06-2009
oh, and I ' ve forgot, that max I've used is 2009, and vray 1.5 SP2.
kizo20:12:09  |  23-06-2009
listen joe Ive sent you this ONE pm as you reported all sorts of crap about the files provided.....I have tested them as Im sure the evermotion team did....also I spoke with other people and nobody had the problems you reported.So read this pm once again, slowly......"Joe as you are quite challenged I will help you a bit.....first after download use winrar to extract the files.....than read the info supplied.....than use C4D to open and Vray to render. I hope its not too much for you ...... ALL textures present and the file renders without any problem if you follow the steps.......cmon joe even you can do .... think positive!!!" get a LIFE
bajulaka21:21:08  |  23-06-2009
hi all! maybe its just me but when i render steve_cole scene i dont get the same result. i already instaled the plugins but my render dont match the original, anyone get the same result? steve did you use max on this work? im asking because the material editor is empty.
Joe Low21:31:05  |  23-06-2009
Kizo are you one of jerry’s kids? I don’t need help from a clown like you. And for your info there are not much cinema 4d users in this forum. Also did you download Steve Cole’s project file? If you did or if you haven’t you should, so you can learn how to set up your scene file, and learn how to organize your files better, and also you spoke with other people? Who clown members of your circus, Listen I got a better life than you Bozo!, so stop being a bitter clown and learn to except that your sci-fi image looks like a screen shot from unreal tournament.
johaann21:31:10  |  23-06-2009
bajulaka: maybe you should check your gamma settings in max. If you have not enabled Load gamma state in your preferencies, gamma setting will not load, i guess...For example I used gamma 1.8 besides obvious 2.2 because of my monitor...and material editor is just editor, all materials are in the scene. Pick get material and in the browser choose "scene", or use eyedropper and pick it from the objects.
Joe Low21:35:17  |  23-06-2009
Bajulaka I opened steves file in 3dsmax 2009,64bit system and I installed the plug-ins and it rendered just fine in my end, make sure your using max on a 64bit system to get better results hope this helps 
arturo.lopez22:42:38  |  23-06-2009
First, i wanna say congrats to all the winners, there are great works, hope some day, i could get that kind of skills, and of course, a big machine too, the only wrong thing for me, is the Ignis work was not in the 12 finalist list
qbap08:10:56  |  24-06-2009
2nd Place - Jan Drozdiak work is available on our fast server. I divided the files into 2 parts - have quick transfers :)
09:48:22  |  24-06-2009
i am so sorry i just open folder i was my mistake how can i delete my old comment i didn't find any edit button
3dmihai10:35:44  |  24-06-2009
For Joe Low: first of all you have no vision. I saw your image and the house and everything else looks like a toy. Bad lights, bad materials, bad angle, exaggerated bump, etc. you are no match for the winners. You are still a newbie. you said 1st image looks like unreal tournament, but it has a great angle that confers balance to the whole scene (a fact that you will never understand). And it is realistic... you might want to take a look at some real buildings that have metallic plates. Your name also says everything about you: "Low". Now go back to your toys and play with your LEGO set.
bajulaka17:57:10  |  24-06-2009
thanks Joe Low and johaann, i didnt had the gamma enable but after enable it i still dont get the same result, my image is too dark and with too much noise and lack of contrast... what am i doing wrong? my system is 64b max 2009 and vray 1.5 sp2
johaann18:58:45  |  24-06-2009
bajulaka: try to turn off Legacy camera/sun/sky models in render Vray Global switches
bajulaka19:17:30  |  24-06-2009
hey johaann, thanks for you reply ive tried has you said but still no good result, even worst after post-processing in max, when you render your image is ok?
johaann19:21:39  |  24-06-2009
yes it is ok, I've got no troubles wit it.
johaann21:37:30  |  24-06-2009
oh, this..I think that is may be a settings of MDFilter parameters..there is white color boost up too much by some coincidence I think...Just render it and then adjust it.
Joe Low23:56:57  |  24-06-2009
Listen, 3dmihai who is known as aka-Kizo, Frankly my deer, I don’t give a damn.
bajulaka11:20:23  |  25-06-2009
that was it johaann, its better now, ive never used effects inside max, i saw the white color boost was too high but i thought it was the way it suppose to be. thanks for your help ;)
3dmihai11:25:44  |  25-06-2009
Poor Joe Low, "aka" means "also known as", so your text would be something like "... who is known as also known as Kizo". OMG, you're IQ is so... LOW. Haha
3dmihai11:27:10  |  25-06-2009
and who is KIZO anyway?
Joe Low18:20:34  |  25-06-2009
What ever BOZO! GO away nobody here is interested in your comments.
Grant19:36:11  |  29-06-2009
that is some serious raw talent right there.
Grant20:59:58  |  29-06-2009
Nightlight2009- I find that if I have to use a 32 bit platform, making the 2gb/3gb switch in your boot.ini helps alot. However, I have found that certain hardware items, quadros for instance, get pretty cranky after the switch.
kisssme08:15:28  |  04-07-2009
hi can any one upload the third seen to work with 3gb ram please... delete huge objects
steve_cole19:24:50  |  04-07-2009
Haha LoL. Turn off displacement that maybe help... But 3 GB RAM is too little. I have 8 GB on a 64bit machine. I think thats the basic.
sempai15:56:24  |  05-07-2009
The third scene runs great on 3d max 2009 64 with 4gb RAM, I tried it with 3d max 32 with 3,5Gb RAM and always crashed (out of memory)
sabandija14:33:10  |  14-07-2009
Nice works! Is there still a possibility to get the raw scene file?
artmak01:39:14  |  15-07-2009
Congratulations to all the winners! Fantastic work!
emo_scremo07:07:44  |  11-08-2009
i can't understand, what happen in the server... i try to download the scene, first initially good but in the middle the connection is dead... please tell me way it happens ???
huuduc250602:48:48  |  26-08-2009
still can not download the 2nd place,so if anyone can share it for me plz pm me with yahoo messenger id : bedanghocyeu2000,thanks,i realy love this scene( and sr if my english is not smooth:) )
s4ty422:35:39  |  18-09-2009
I can't download 2nd scene?How?
Arq. Angeles22:59:56  |  30-10-2009
jariv10:34:23  |  10-11-2009
whhheeeewwwww!!!must've a powerful pc to finish this work...nice compotitions..everyone a winner...hope to join next
sora14420:40:28  |  11-11-2009
hi every one i found the same problem that face mr.Arq. Angeles which is ...THE IM MISSINg DLLS FILES.. CAN SOMEONE HELP us pls ???
sora14421:07:07  |  11-11-2009
i solve my problem in DLLS FILES but istill can`t open the file ( file error ) i have 3dmax 9- 32bit - can any 1 help me pls ??????
tifano4222:53:05  |  22-11-2009
wow the files is very big size!!!
Flapdrol21:48:48  |  30-11-2009
Does anyone know were i can download the original scene?
Suicidal14:35:41  |  02-01-2010
What version of Cinema4D did the winner use, as I cannot open the file. I am using R9. Thanks.
mos3ad200601:12:23  |  17-01-2010
could you tell us how much time to render these incredible images ??
arqcad200021:07:58  |  17-03-2010
Increible, felicitaciones a todos, espero algún día llegar a ese nivel.
tamtooom10:53:33  |  17-06-2010
woooow amazing work
ghaith23:06:21  |  17-06-2010
plenthon09:08:20  |  18-06-2010
congratulation....that's a wonderfull
hasco14:32:45  |  14-07-2010
realy very nice
hai.hson18:10:32  |  14-07-2010
very nice :)
sonikkko20:16:05  |  22-08-2010
muy buenos, very nice !!!!
lucky190809:56:51  |  13-09-2010
hi guys- can you help me? im using 3d max 32bit- i tried to open the second winner's file but i couldnt- do you know guys why? thanks!
lucky190810:04:43  |  13-09-2010
i have one more question too how to install plug in? pls help me
Harish14:41:39  |  15-09-2010
The 1st is very slow.
Harish14:42:49  |  15-09-2010
I want to congratulate the 1st Prize Winner. Congratulations Awesome.............
princess S13:58:22  |  30-10-2010
jcgz2819:48:38  |  13-11-2010
What you guys considered? Cause the 3rd place is actually way way better than the so called 1st place. 1st place is so cartoon and is pretty obvious is computer made, but the 3rd place looks so real that you really can't tell if is a render or an actual picture. 3rd place should have had to win.
TERRAN08:05:44  |  18-12-2010
you are my idol
ruilv22411:08:18  |  22-01-2011
Nice works!I love it!
Blair19:40:32  |  03-02-2011
Cudo's, excellent work, nice to see close competition
Mansoor Ahmed12:21:08  |  13-04-2011
Very Very Nice Brother every one help me ???
swma201008:00:59  |  09-05-2011
very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice
samuelura70005:41:33  |  10-05-2011
Very nice renders
Asim_45b12:21:05  |  15-07-2011
Congratulate to All winners & featured..... Really like the cg art selected here... Good Luck!
TANO7813:28:58  |  16-07-2011
...are you sure they are not photos?:))LOL They are amazing,brilliant and very realistic!! Congratulations to all of the 3!
rasack00:51:32  |  05-08-2011
Very nice,,, congratulations !!!
anarchktk419:20:20  |  05-08-2011
ngon. nhìn như thật. very good!
Nasim Bakhtiari20:11:44  |  21-08-2011
Wow! I wish i was one of you. Congratulations!
percrebeld21:15:20  |  10-09-2011
congratulations, great presentations ... really show their dedication to design ...
Gaza mi seh10:09:14  |  21-09-2011
I need to go back to school
sonyjoshua13:13:42  |  02-11-2011
Wish to become one of you...
tito_9414:32:25  |  25-11-2011
woowwwww amazing
shakira shaki06:32:48  |  10-12-2011
good work
Myo Min10:26:37  |  18-01-2012
jaysacopla15:34:40  |  26-02-2012
Congratulations to all....!
cleodesign16:37:14  |  02-03-2012
It´s just amazing, congratulations to all.
drawingred12:46:41  |  01-05-2012
sanaz6716:54:05  |  12-11-2012
phanvuongkientruc23:45:49  |  14-12-2012
IOHOIHOIGDF15:06:51  |  23-01-2013
bhavesh nice work...
purnomo Hadi06:07:47  |  30-04-2013
sammyzhou16:39:08  |  09-08-2013
Just so good
shri1419:51:04  |  18-11-2013
thanks a lot guys for sharing the files....its very helpful for people like me who want to learn how to improve renders and visualization.....thanks a bunch....:)
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