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The project had to be modeled at great speed, as though we only had 3 days to create 4 images for an architectural contest.
We began from cad files wich were directly imported to 3ds MAX and utilized as a base to generate the model.
The client chose the models from the Evermotion Archmodels libraries wich we provided.

This was a narrow space, so we wanted to increase that sense of speed in the POV, the stair and the ceiling converge very rapidly into the vacum point and once the eye is set on that point you can see the columns on the left side of the picture.
To take time to make a good composition is always good for the image, and good architecture helps a lot.

It was necesary not to show both side walls, since it was very narrow there and we wanted it to show more space in the image. Not showing one wall generates the illusion of and endless space to the side of the image

The stairs and the ceiling are both in opposite angles and towards the windows, that helps to the unidirectional view.

Vanishing point










Author: Hernan Landolfo


Author: Hernan Landolfo
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imran09:55:21  |  20-05-2010
Hernan Landofo you work really excellent Thank for sharing.
arq.julianlv16:54:22  |  07-02-2011
I can´t see the materials parameters, the images are very small.
ziaro66618:13:10  |  13-06-2011
Wow, place send me this file to analize thanks!
gi2gi20:38:34  |  30-06-2011
kindli ask u to send me this scene on
revale03:30:20  |  13-07-2011
really great work! congrats! You can send me the scene? Thanks!
lqwubin20:51:01  |  22-07-2011
really great work! congrats! You can send me the scene? Thank you very much.
markozeka10:27:58  |  08-12-2011
Hi, very good vork, pleas if you wanth to sand me this scean on
emagdesign16:18:05  |  06-01-2012
is so nice!!!good job!can you send me the scene to ?thank you very much.
yanbiao03:50:06  |  30-01-2012
is so nice!!!good job!can you send me the scene to ?thank you very much.
hoangtchuong13:37:42  |  17-03-2012
how can i adjust uvwmap of VrayOverrideMtl ??? please !!!
Mona amini17:28:09  |  25-04-2012
great work, please send mr a copy of file Max (save archive)thanks
rhiesy07:54:36  |  29-06-2012
nice tutorial~ plz send 3dsmax files~ thanks~~
marcosga20:49:15  |  24-08-2012
Gracias por compartir este trabajo, sinceramente gran trabajo, debido a la capacidad de respuesta en ese tiempo determinado. Me gustaria poder exponer tu trabajo en mi universidad, ya que estamos estudiando auditorios para proyectos. Podrias enviar mas informacion a: Muchas gracias por todo!
josephgrero09:18:16  |  28-08-2012
Hi this is awesome work. sooo realistic. can you please send me the scene to
igalloenamorado13:03:00  |  26-11-2012
is really good!! can you send me the scene to ?thank you very much.
2852708:19:15  |  17-12-2012
Amazing!! can you send me the scene to thank you so much.
aurora10022:36:20  |  03-05-2013
Hi thanks for sharing your amazing work! could you please send me the scene to ? thanks in advance
hankl14:43:20  |  11-06-2013
Very nice job !!! Can you send me the scene to ? Thank you very much!
M song23:01:03  |  27-08-2013
Can you give me your model? Extremely grateful, this is my mail:
mekh8422:56:16  |  19-08-2014
very nice work, I need the scene for my student, could you please send its download link to me? Thanks
Pallav parashar09:13:57  |  08-04-2018
Well I can't watch this content on any plugin supported at all...any help


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