Integrating 2D backgrounds into 3d visualizations

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In this tutorial Arqui9 shows you how to easily integrate 2D background and images to your 3D renders in order to create quick visuals and mood drafts.

Learn how to integrate your 2d backgrounds and 3d renders and make them work together well.

There are four single steps too follow with this tutorial:

  • Basic 3D
  • Using masks
  • Mood drafts and tests
  • Doing the post-production

When you have your 3d scene ready, remember to render alpha mask, ID mask and wirecolor mask. Then you can load them in Photoshop. With render ID mask you can easily select separate elements in your render and freely change their color. Arqui9 artists are starting with putting nice, hi-res backplate and then matching it with 3d render by using levels and color balance. Watch the video:






Author: Arqui9 Visualisation Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: post postproduction post-production photoshop
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litonkrl15:50:22  |  10-07-2019
Great video to make 2d background in 3d visualisations works fine.


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