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Hamed Hosseinpour 2013-10-21 10:41 tutorial  > Photoshop  > compositing

Postproduction tutorial (After Effects and Photoshop) by Hamed Hosseinpour.


Final work
Author: Hamed Hosseinpour Editor: Michal Franczak
Tags: photoshop aftereffects postproduction
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Making of The Devil's Fountain

Making of The Devil's Fountain

One day I was taking photos around Lisbon , and I came across some beautiful stone statues in the middle of lakes set in some of the city's most beautiful parks. Later, I came across another fountain in a square, which had three of those classic angel-like figures standing below. Taking this photo as reference, setting it in the mood I had witnessed before at the park and adding a malevolent twist I decided to make the painting entitled "Fountain of Hell".


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RonH21:58:15  |  21-10-2013
Hamed: Nice tutorial but don't you owe it out of respect to the artist to list who the music was by unless you're worried about coypright infringement? Who was it by b.t.w?........awesome....really want to know. thx. r
hamed max23:19:47  |  21-10-2013
RonH : you right.........................the music by great artist 'hans zimmer' .................
RonH23:37:58  |  21-10-2013
Hamed: One of my fav. artist but wasn't familiar with this piece.....thank you!!!! nice work.
ahmadi377805:40:25  |  23-10-2013
good lock my friend i am mohammad ahamdi
marche3d00:04:01  |  27-10-2013
Thanks for taking your time to do this! Will share it in my Facebook!
zameer3darc10:22:15  |  19-11-2013
really nicework..actually iam vfx student..but i would like to work on this 3d architecture..can u send me some useful links


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