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Check out useful tips by Nawras Ryhan.


Create Quick Matte shadow catcher: In one click you can apply matte shadow settings through the V-Ray object Properties on the selected object(s)


V-Ray Trace sets: you can exclude specific object from being reflected on another object's surface using this feature. 


V-Ray motion blur samples: I find that useful especially for moving cars where with the default settings the wheels look very strange. You can adjusted that globally under VRay settings but I prefer to increase the samples only where needed .



V-Ray lock bucket starting point: it's a useful function if you want VRay to start rendering from specific point 


Exclude from Zoom extents: usually I apply it to the Vray Sun and/or the background, so I can focus on the scene every time I hit Z in the keyboard instead of zooming out too far.


Quick Fog: using a simple box with Vray scatter volume material you can add fog to a specific area.


V-Ray Quick assign materials


Using V-Ray Distance map with Displace: just make sure you have the pivot for the object in 0.0.0 or you will find issues with this setup ..if that's not possible you can use morpher or any other workaround to fix it.



Post effects rate: I set this to 0 for the final when I use lens effect and or/denoiser, otherwise V-Ray will try to calculate those every few seconds which will affect the rendering speed (unless you want to check the denoised render for some reason



Faster IPR: IPR in Next is very fast but you still can boost the speed by lowering the light cache subdivs or (for exteriors/ studio lighting scenarios) use Brute force for secondary engine (Next GPU is using BF+BF for IPR by default)



Glare/color correction: in recent updates V-Ray changed how vray lens effect work. To get proper effect you need to avoid playing with the dynamic range. here In this image I'm using 1.0 in burn value 



And in this image I'm using 0.1 for the burn value. Notice how the glare is gone




Author: Nawras Ryhan Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: vray rendering tips
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3dmihai14:10:05  |  10-05-2019
I can barely see where this guy clicks, it's going way too fast. And nothing is explained. There are many other better tutorials that share this knowledge. This is just a low quality article for the sake of having views.


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