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Tutorial by Renjith_R.

Hi everyone, before I get started I would like to introduce myself, my name is renjith_r and my website is This is my first attempt to post a tutorial which is helpful to somone who started working with corona renderer in 3ds max. Really its a simple tutorial for beginners.

The following project “The French Bedroom” is a personal project that I created in my free time. I was trying to achieve a realistic mood with simple style, focusing more on the props and the general mood of the space.

The project was made with 3ds max, Corona renderer, Photoshop for the post process.


Modeling Architectural Elements. 

Walls were done with simple splines and extruded modifiers. Cornices are made with sweep profile and custom shapes.

1 3


2 3


For the floors, I used the script called Floor Generator.


3 3


For the furniture and props I used Readymade models from 3dsky and evermotion. Big thanks to them.


4 3


5 3


6 4


7 3


8 4



All materials are used from corona default material library except plant.


10 6



12 5


Render setup


11 6



The lighting on this scene was very simple. I mostly give bright preference to HDRI lighting as it produce the most physically accurate results. Also I placed a corona rectangle light behind the window to emulate the light from the exterior environment.


13 5


Hdri map

nr 00901_hdri




16 5


I am generally leaving the camera exposure values somewhere there and I make some small adjustments if needed before the final render. Here I tried many camera angles for highlighting the details.


14 5


Clay render


nr 00902_clay_render


Raw render


15 5


Post production

This is the most important part of my process. Here corona image editor helped to achieve  proper exposure and glare and bloom effects. But Later in this scene I added some reflect and refract passes by lowering the opacity and playing with the blend modes that Photoshop offers you. Finally, I played some color corrections and some filters for the final touches. 


Final views

nr 00901_1


nr 00902_2


nr 00903_3


nr 00904_4


nr 00905_5


nr 00906_Wallpaper


Thanks for your time I hope that you will find my making of somehow useful :)

Author: Renjith_R Editor: Michal Franczak
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Atefeh16509:14:25  |  05-02-2019
very good and helpful...
renjithmrFUTC07:05:00  |  06-02-2019
Thank you Atefeh165


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