ChaosGroup_V_Ray_logo_296x77.jpgChaos Group is a leading provider of innovative rendering solutions for the media, entertainment, and design industries. For over a decade our flagship rendering software, V-Ray®, has set the standard for speed, quality, reliability and ease of use, and it has become the rendering engine of choice for renowned international studios. We work closely with our customers from around the world to ensure we’re creating the best tools for their workflow. Inspired by their imaginative creations, we passionately pursue advances in rendering technology and continue to improve the software needed to communicate their vision.
We proudly support the 3D community with our advanced software solutions: V-Ray® for Autodesk® 3ds Max®, V-Ray® for Autodesk® Maya®, V-Ray® for Autodesk® Softimage®, V-Ray® for Rhino®, V-Ray® for SketchUp®, Phoenix FD and Pdplayer.

Logo_245.jpg Grant Warwick's Mastering CGI was designed to bring the CGI world the best set of training courses ever constructed. For too long professional artists have been struggling to find quality tutorials on software such as V-Ray and 3DsMax. Grant's debut course 'Mastering V-Ray' was launched in December of 2013. Within the first month the course had reached 300 subscribers and now has over 1000 active students. Recently Grant launched his second course 'Mastering Hard Surface' which has been met with similar success. Both courses have subscribers from a number of high profile studios and individuals from all around the world including ILM, Weta and Sony. The popularity of Mastering CGI is due to Grant's relentless efforts to teach CGI in a way that has never been taught before. Not only does Grant know all the tips and secrets of the CGI industry he isn't afraid to reveal them to his students.


OctaneRender™ is the world's first GPU-based, unbiased, physically-based renderer, empowering artists, designers, and engineers to create the most realistic renders quickly. It is fully GPU-accelerated and renders images at extreme speeds of up to 50x faster than traditional unbiased renderers. Praised by some of Hollywood’s top visual effects artists and directors for its quality, speed and versatility, OctaneRender™ has been used in the development of a number of blockbuster films.

Essential features include Displacement Mapping, Object Motion Blur, Vertex motion blur, Hair and Fur Render Primitives, Rounded Edges, Random Color Texture for Instances, HDRI + Sun, Stereo Rendering Modes, Region Rendering, and more. Take advantage of Pixar's powerful library for fast refinement of subdivision surfaces with its OpenSubDiv implementation. To render even faster, OctaneRender™ can leverage remote GPUs on render slaves connected via the network.

OctaneRender™ produces stunningly life-like images of the highest possible quality, making it the ultimate rendering solution for architectural visualization, product design and 3D animation rendering.

fox_ch2014.pngFox Renderfarm. Founded in 2007, RAYVISION Inc. (Fox Renderfarm) is one of the world's largest cloud computing and rendering solution providers for both the motion picture and animation industries.

With its proprietary multiple patent cloud computing technology, RAYVISION has become one of the leading rendering solution providers and has over 2,000 nodes of super computing power. The company provides customized platform and infrastructure level services specifically tailored for motion picture and animation companies,with clients in over 35 countries and thousands of projects per year, our Academy Award (Oscar) winning support and great customer experience has earned RAYVISION a great reputation in the industry.

icube_mf_240.pngiCube R&D Group brings together leading  Russian 3d visualisation companies to develop and provide cutting edge and affordable tools for 3D visualisation industry. Our team is made up of highly qualified programmers and 3d artists who work together to bring 3d visualization into a new level. Our recent developments include VRayScatter for Maya, AutoWrinkles, MultiScatter, MadCar, CityTraffic, VRayPattern and SplineLand.

digital_tutors_mf_240.pngDigital-Tutors. At Digital-Tutors, we teach students, developing artists and designers, and creative professionals how to make movies, games, digital art and more through high-quality, industry-proven online video training that teaches the how and the why behind techniques and skills.

randomcontrol.jpgRandomControl is a team of people who share a passion for computer graphics, 3D technology, and real-time applications. In fact, the core of the R&D team is made of engineers with a life-long relationship with the world of coding and visualization.
As a result of this passion and experience, we are the creators of Arion, our flagship rendering technology. RandomControl is a spanish company located in Madrid.

vray_for_c4d.pngLAUBlab is the creator of VRAYforC4D. V-Ray today is one of highest quality render tools available for production. It is widely used by professional CG artists and visualizations firms worldwide. Its proven, beautiful and super realistic image quality, at unsurpassed render speed, attracts many users from all areas. VRAYforC4D is the Cinema4D native incarnation of this great engine. It enables you to use V-Ray directly within Cinema4D using the typical C4D like workflow. VRAYforC4D is developed by Cinema4D users for Cinema4D users. Its good, its fast, its stable!

Ever_Ch_Logo_FBT_240_65.jpgThe Third and The Seventh: From Bits to the Lens synthesizes in 232 pages limited edition book the art and philosophy behind Alex Roman’s “T&S” shortfilm. After more than one year work, Alex can finally bring this unique piece of art that combines 120+ beautifully hi-res CG prints with thoughts, procedures, theoretical principles and his own personal preferences after many years of trial and error condensed into 6 different chapters.   From the initial planning and modeling stage through to the render and post-production stage, touching upon key themes such as lighting and the virtual creation of vegetation. The so-called practical part of the book is based 100% on the VRay rendering engine inside 3dsMax.

logo_245_65.jpg AXYZ Design established in 2004 develops state-of-the-art 3D products especially for CG artists, architects and designers, including Metropoly, a line of 3D ready posed and animatable characters, and an(i)ma®, the fastest Stand-Alone character animation software in the industry.

 cgworld_logo_245_65_1.jpgLearnvray.com is the only V-Ray Training Center Online, supported by instructors licensed by Chaos Group. Learnvray aims to train real 3d photographers, using V-Ray in structured and methodological way, thanks to the 5SRW method (5-Step Render Workflow). In a short time you will achieve incredible results, please see our student’s gallery. It is available in different languages, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Indonesian and German.
The study cycle completes with the official certification "5SRW for V-Ray", which test the user's ability to work methodically, following a photographic and artistic approach.

logo_245x65.jpgCGIFarm.com offer over 4000Ghzh available through an easy to use online platform. You won’t need any plugins installed on your software to prepare your scene for our platform. Just basic project management that you would do in order to render it on a different machine from your office. The difference is that you will use our web portal to upload the project, create render jobs and download the rendered frames.
We support multiple scenes in the same project file, in this way, you won’t be spending time uploading the same textures to render from a different camera, or a scene which is using the same materials.
We’ve created detailed video tutorials which will walk you through each step in submitting your project for Autodesk 3DS Max, Maya, Modo, Cinema 4D, Maxwell Renderer, Softimage or Lightwave. We are also able to customize our render nodes, just ask, and we will provide.
CGIFarm.com will prevent you from missing your deadline and will also make your business more profitable. As we charge only 2c/Ghzh in the default packages. If you get platinum packages, you can get 50% discounts in the first month of the platform launch.

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