The Perfect Getaway

My perfect getaway will be a place where I can escape stress for relaxation. Natural and peaceful place featured with cottages built with bamboo,nipa huts and floating restaurants below the mountain and clear blue water/sea/lake in between. Corona/3dsmax World Machine Evermotion Trees Forest Pack Advance Painter Render People Adobe Photoshop


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nasty23:35:39  |  07-01-2018
I really like the sharp tone of the your light setup, makes it feel natural. What render are you using?
ME_nesperos_2703:02:45  |  09-01-2018
Thank you for your comment. I am using Corona Renderer
dani198914:19:17  |  24-01-2018
Hy, what is your Workstation setup?
walktheroom16:26:08  |  24-01-2018
ME_nesperos_2711:19:21  |  25-01-2018
Thanks Evermotion for this amazing competition. I never thought that my entry would make it to the top place..such a surprise! Thank you Judges and Sponsors. Congratulations to all winners and participants who finished their entries. A very challenging competition indeed with those amazing piece if art submitted in the gallery. @dani 1989 my setup: 1950x AMD Threadripper/2x1080ti/2TBm.2/Asus Zenith Extreme Mobo @walktheroom Thanks Mate
DjayArtwork12:23:14  |  25-01-2018
Perfect render congrats. I just don't like the clouds, something is wrong with it!!!
ME_nesperos_2712:45:15  |  25-01-2018
@DjayArtwork THanks Man. Yeah tried to replace the cloud before submitting the entry but it seems best to keep the HDRI used in the scene as is to keep it more natural. That's Noemotion HDri 04-12_Sun_B btw.
lilCJ17:20:50  |  25-01-2018
Congratulations man !:) well done !!
ME_nesperos_2708:19:46  |  29-01-2018
Thanks @lilCJ feels like a dream to finally get the 1st place :D
winsher06:10:24  |  01-02-2018
Congrats! What a scene!!!


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