Herbert Le Grand_1

Work in progress

We all dream of a place where we could escape from our daily life routines, to be able to cut from this fast moving life in big cities, we want a stress free environment where we get connected to the nature, to the most basic way possible. I created a cabin, which would make us all experiment a way of living, from the most basis to the purest form of life. When we see forest sceneries, we always find a kind of same pattern created, those lines created by trunks, the transparency of each tree creating an infinite scenery. I wanted to base my concept on that, to create a cabin where we would be able to experiment the way we walk around in a forest, but in a cabin. Every cabin nowadays, as beautiful as they are, have walls and partitions, cutting off those naturals lines and transparency created by the trees, I wanted to keep that idea, and when you walk around the cabin, you get to see those exact lines re created, and that transparency like when you walk through a forest. No walls, every angle around the cabin, from north to east, south to west, you get to have this transparency through the house. All the functional aspects in the cabin are modular. It is suitable for 4 persons, with folding beds and table. Technical details about the construction, floor plan, elevations and sections have been made by autocad. Project: Tiny House Inspiration: Forest scenery Software: Sketchup Pro, V-Ray 3.6, Adobe photoshop, Autocad.


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