I am Ngoc currently working as a visualization artist and architect based in Vietnam. Having been brought up in Da Nang, multiple individuals would secure a stable job in this “unfolding” city, I did something that caused my parents to cringe – I decided to set up my career in the South. Even though living far from home, it is always an urge in me to do something for my own birthplace. The idea of re-creating Danang incarnation in a language of visualization sparked in my ebullient mind, and it, to some extent, could disseminate the city image in a more aesthetic way. Thenceforth, “Lost in Nam O” – my newest artwork stepped into reality. Nam O itself is humbly located in a northern part of the city, yet garners a vast variety of coastal values. It is renowned for being a cradle of Da Nang present fishing culture which preserves not one but a cornucopia of traditional seaward lifestyles. Instead of approaching by a regular method, I decided to be off the beaten track. In this artwork, I imagine I am in a daydream indulging my ego in the self-floating old-school fish men apartment lifted by a stranger powersource. What is more, along with the development of cutting-edge technology, I, with the prerogative of a dreamer, integrate modern devices into boats which enable them to fly as can be seen in hundreds of sci-fi movies. In contrast with my unrealistic subject, the surrounding landscape, however, is imitated a real scenery of Nam O in the moody clear night sky unveiling thousands of stars. Here, the interaction of real and virtual aspects forms a tacit consent between the re-imaging of an original thing with what I call “lost” atmosphere - the loss of modernism among traditional setting. Lots of people would say this artwork has nothing to do with my aim in the first place – promoting my city icon, let alone spreading it to people across the world. Nonetheless, I do believe art can be narrated in different ways. The contrary is my key elements to emphasize the implicit message. The urbanization are sowing assimilation, we are witnessing the world turning itself into the uniform village where every country are losing their unique characteristics. Nam O one day will inevitably follow the same pattern. The artwork is metaphorically telling a story about my city in the near future, though it has to suffer from the trend of alteration, it will never lose its own “self-pride”. The image presents my vision of Nam O tangible value remained unchanged in a modern wave. Software: 3ds max 2016, Phoenix FD, Corona Renderer, PTS


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lilCJ13:19:34  |  26-12-2017
super cool idea, and beautiful work !!
ngocdo03:59:17  |  27-12-2017
thank you lilCJ, your work is so amazing too!! I'm waiting to see the final image from you!
Jonecca14:58:39  |  15-01-2018
really innovative.. amazing work! would be cool if every home floats like that in future =D


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