I was inspired by the story of the mask of the red death by edgar allan poe, where an influential and financially superior group of people attempt to escape the plague by locking themselves in a closed castle, leaving the people outside to perish. However, I believe that with the evolution of machines, robots, and modified humans or cyborgs, beings only capable of logical rational thoughts, a fairer future can be envisioned. Therefore, I imagined a future in which cooperation between humans, and between humanity and machines, will bring a solution to overcome the apocalypse. It’s year 2050, the world is facing a catastrophy. After years of ignored warnings, the climate change crisis has reached a new low, the damage is now irreparable. The majority of icebergs have melted causing a considerable rise of sea level, earth’s temperature has risen making most animals go extinct, pollution and illnesses are increasing exponentially yet overpopulation is still an issue. But the true culmination of the apocalypse was the appearance of a dangerous plague, a new vector virus, spreading at an extreme speed across all living entities, inflicting a slow painful death upon the contaminated. In an effort to survive, humans and cyborgs first thought of separating themselves from the polluted world. Global leaders thus invested in the development of excessively tall skyscrapers in an effort to reach unpolluted air. They brought the remaining healthy population upwards and the contaminated population down below on the poisonous soil. However, all those efforts were lost once a contact has been made between a contaminated and a surviving human. In a renewed effort to evade their doom, global leaders decided to build a new city enclosed behind protective walls. A fortress-like city was envisioned. Thick tall walls separate the new city from its infected environment, blocking the arrival of water from the contaminated ocean as well as any human interaction from outside the city. With the help of cyborgs, a new type of architecture was created. A mechanical architecture that functions like a machine but evolves like a human. A smart architecture of sorts, one that grows depending on the need of the people, creates green breathable spaces that sustain human and has the ability to move itself to a safe place if the wall collapsed. Architecture created a safe ecosystem that ensures the survival of humanity. Thus in a post-apocalyptic world, while the earth is recovering from its loss, behind the gate of the wall, humanity continues to live. Software use 3ds max plus corona and photshop. i used kitbash3d products , megascans, polligon texture.and itoosoftware.


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vidaandras11:32:23  |  15-01-2018
can you please share an in-between picture? a clay render or something, im interested what's 3d and what is not
amerfarah13:24:23  |  15-01-2018
@vidaandras almost everything is in 3d, i shared the clay render, i will add character and trees in photoshop https://evermotion.org/files/challenge_works/total_lighting_2.jpg


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