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The Photoshop CC 2014.2 update has arrived. Check out new features.

New Doc Presets, New Guide Layouts, Layouts based on a shape, Smarter smart guides, Overscrolling preference, Creative Cloud libraries, and Extract.

  • Creative Cloud Libraries - This new addition to the Creative Cloud will allow you to download graphics from the Adobe Market and have them available to inside both Illustrator and Photoshop. The Libraries panel also allows you to add fonts, graphics, PSD’s, colours etc all within the Photoshop and Illustrators. Any content here will be synced automatically to your Creative Cloud storage area. This feature is a wonderful enhancement if you have ever wanted to have a global set of favourites to your workflow. Of course you can create new libraries at any time to organise your content based on your preference
  • New Welcome screen - Have you ever wanted to learn new features and techniques straight from within Photoshop? The new welcome screen will present videos to you based on the activities and features that you use.
  • Extract Assets - There is a new menu option called Extract Assets, this option is available under the File menu. The primary use for Extract is to pull assets from the PSD comp, especially usefull for Web designers.
  • Improved Guides - The new guides feature enables new guides to be created from existing shapes on the canvas, or the ability to create new guides from a template that can be designed on the fly. New Guides Layout is available from the View menu option.
  • Windows Touch - The experimental touch features have now moved into the main line and will be enabled for touch based systems. This includes the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.
  • 3D Printing - Photoshop now has the ability to read COLLADA rigged and animation data. This feature is available on the timeline, it allows you to pose the model at a certain point, then print it. This feature will be covered in more detailed in a later post.
  • 3D PDF - Photoshop CC also supports the option to export 3D PDF’s. The Export 3D PDF option is available from the 3D menu. Selecting this option will output a PDF with all of the 3D PDF controls enabled.
  • Scripted Patterns - Scripted patterns have been moved to the Filter menu (Filter / Render / ). The different options have the same names as before Flame, Tree and Picture Frame.
  • The Flame option is a new addition and allows you to create a flame on a path or multiple paths.
  • Improved display of Properties panel for Live Shapes
  • Added transparency support for copy/paste from Photoshop to other applications (Mac only)
  • New edge padding option for Select > Modify commands. This option allows you to choose if the selection modification will go outside of the canvas edge or not. There is now a check box controller on each of the participating options under the Select /Modify option. The check box is turned off by default.
  • Adobe Color panel (formerly Kuler) is now included with the shipping version
  • Size of the Preferences, Keyboard Shortcuts and Menus dialogs have been adjusted to fit wide-screens

Top 5 new features and some cool tips by Photoshop CAFE:

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