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Most exciting new features of Premiere Pro CC 2014 presented by Surfaced Studio.

1. Live Text Templates

Live Text Templates allow you to create a cool composition containing text elements in After Effects CC 2014 and then mark the composition as a 'Template'. This will make all text layers editable in Premiere Pro.

Learn how to use this feature: Live Text Templates.

2. Master Clip Effects

Usually when you have many edits (clips) on your timeline and want to apply the same effect onto all of these individual pieces you have to apply and copy the same effect onto every single one of them. This can be a nightmare if you then decide to tweak the effect later. Master Clip Effects in Premiere Pro CC 2014 allow you to apply effects to the underlying footage, the so called 'project instance' and the effect will be applied to all pieces that you cut out of it to place anywhere in your sequence.

3. Effect Masks & Tracking

Just like After Effects CC 2014, Premiere Pro CC 2014 now supports masks to be defined to control the area of an effect. These masks can be applied to any effect available in Premiere Pro and offer the same settings as masks in After Effects - Mask Feather, Mask Expansion, Opacity and you can even invert them.

Additionally, Premiere Pro CC 2014 allows you to easily track these masks to moving elements in your shot. This makes it a breeze to blur out a person's face or a license plate or create all sorts of other cool dynamic effects.

If you are interested in a complete list of new features for Premiere Pro CC 2014, check out the Adobe product page.

Author: Surfaced Studio Editor: Michal Franczak
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