HDR Light Studio 2.0 review

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Short Introduction

Maybe some of you remember the last year review of HDR Light Studio 1.5. If not you can find it under the link below:
So I will omit all the software basics and go right to the point - new features.

What's new in 2.0

Version 2.0 is a major update to HDR Light Studio studio but let's start with the first on, for me most useful one - LIVE LIGHT.
The process of creating hdri maps in the last version was very fast but to see the end effect you needed to render the hdr maps and import them to your 3d software. So in practice it took some time to place the lights where you really needed them, but now we have LiveLight - in few words you can now import obj and Mi files into the HDR Light Studio, so setting up the proper lighting is done in no time. Like you see on the video below, it works even with very complex obj files and the real time renderer is using all the available cores.
HDRI backgrounds - now you can not only create you own hdr maps from scratch but also enhance existing hdr maps.

HDR studio lights database - you have more than enough lights to create stunning lighting effects. With the version 2.0 you get over 100 lights in 18 light types. You can find them all under the link below:

You can also buy some additional lights in the HDR Light Studio store:

Few additional features:
  • Lights can be scaled much larger
  • Light can be much brighter
  • Much faster rendering of final images
  • Fast preview available at all render sizes
  • Flip designs horizontally on final render
  • Show, hide and 'Solo' lights

Some useful tips

Exporting to mi (mentalray) files.
Setting up hdr environment inside 3dsmax.


More to come in the near future - Live plug ins

The producer of Hdr studio is also providing plug ins for 3d software which allows you HDRI lighting and reflections update in real-time directly onto your 3D model and materials in your 3D software. For now there is only one plug in available for Deep Exploration 6 software but all future CORE plug-ins will be provided to existing Pro version 2.0 customers when they are released.

Check the link for more live plug ins updates:

Product page:
Author: Ralph Waniek alias Edi
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gvnwst23:57:11  |  18-01-2011
I've been lusting after this program for a while now...(well back to when 1.5 was just being released) But $1,000 for the Pro version or something like that? VRay costs that much, Maxwell...other full render engines. Even some fully fledged 3D programs can be had for that price! I have Octane, which will be ~$250 for the final release...I think that's where it should be priced around. It's great, but not $1,000 great.
Argyll22:23:20  |  01-02-2011
$1,000? Whatever they're smoking I want some! And they wonder why pirates continue to thrive.
DaddyMax12:32:01  |  14-02-2011
Hugely overpriced. I would pay no more than $250 for one-sit license.
jerc09:06:57  |  24-07-2013
好东西 好质感 强雷学习


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