Getty Images sues Stability AI

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This week Getty Images commenced legal proceedings in the High Court of Justice in London against Stability AI 

Top image: Artur Debat

This week, Getty Images filed a lawsuit against Stability AI in the High Court of Justice in London on the grounds that Stability AI violated the intellectual property rights, including the copyright, of content that belonged to or was authorized by Getty Images. Getty Images contends that Stability AI illegally copied and processed millions of copyright-protected images and the related metadata, which were owned or represented by Getty Images, without a license in order to advance Stability AI's business objectives and the detriment of the content producers.

Artificial intelligence, in the opinion of Getty Images, has the potential to inspire artistic undertakings. In order to educate artificial intelligence systems in a way that respects people's privacy and intellectual property rights, Getty Images granted licenses to prominent technological pioneers. Stability In order to further their stand-alone business objectives, AI did not request any such license from Getty Images and, in their opinion, instead chose to disregard workable licensing choices and established legal protections.

Read full statemeent on Getty Images page

Author: PR Editor: Michał Franczak
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iah116:45:29  |  20-01-2023
These AI companies don't provide a "tool" for artists, they build a "replacement" for artists. No wonder, because the number of creatives is only a tiny fraction compared to the number of end customers who should no longer need creatives. Otherwise, double-digit billion investments by Google, Microsoft and Elon Musk would not make sense either! It's time for everyone to realize this and stop feeding these tools with images and training data. Have a look at this great discussion from Steven Zapata
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