Nuke 13.1 released

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New and improved features:

  • Better UI - quickly and easily move geometry in Nuke’s 3D space. Nuke 13.1 sees upgrades to the 3D transform handles, improved controls for the 3D pivot point, and the ability to manipulate geometry in object, world or screen space, There are also new hotkeys based on various DCC standards and a new toolbar for selecting the geometry transformation tool.
  • Connecting NukeX and Unreal (Beta) - Accelerate your pipeline with the UnrealReader node and quickly get image data, utility passes, and sync cameras from Unreal in NukeX. 
  • Do more with machine learning - Continue to harness the power of Machine Learning with improvements to the ML toolset in Nuke 13.1. 
  • Get more out of your timeline - The improved integration enables you to transfer effects effortlessly between Nuke and Nuke Studio. Artists can copy track items and Soft Effects and paste them directly into the node graph.
  • Timeline project handling improvements - developers reduced project load times by 30% and will continue with these optimizations for even greater reduction across the Nuke 13 development cycle. Paired with the ability to copy-paste clips and sequences across projects, this should make working with multiple projects easier; 
  • Cryptomatte / Encryptomatte - Nuke 13.1 introduces an extension to the wildcard syntax, allowing the ‘-’ modifier to subtract matte IDs from a wildcard defined list, so you can make precise matte selections using wildcards. 
  • Blackmagic RAW support - Nuke 13.1 now can read Blackmagic BRAW video files format

More on The Foundry Nuke site.


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