LuxCoreRenderer 2.5 released

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Now with Optix acceleration.

Top image - San Pedro Project by Charles Nandeya Ehouman (Sharlybg)

New features in this version:

  • OptiX/RTX Acceleration - The CUDA backend now can utilize RTX hardware raytracing through the OptiX library. The benefit in rendering speed depends on scene complexity (the more triangles in the scene, the bigger the speedup).




  • Non-Uniform Camera Bokeh - Depth of field now has support for non-uniform bokeh distributions, including custom images. In addition, bokehs can now be squashed and stretched anisotropically to simulate anamorphic lenses.
  • New Materials
    • Holdout - The holdout option can be used to make the parts of the film covered by the material transparent.
    • Two-Sided - The Two-Sided material makes it possible to put different materials on the front- and backfaces of a mesh.
  • New Textures
    • Wireframe
    • Distort - The Distort texture is basically a simplified texture mapping, which only allows to translate an input texture. However, the translation offset can be textured (which isn’t possible in the regular texture mapping). So it can be used to perturb one texture with another.
    • Brick texure now with pseudo-random coloring per brick
  • Texture Bombing - The new “Bombing” texture can be used to distribute a stencil map over a background, with various randomization options.
  • Randomized Tiling for Imagemaps - Image textures now have support for Brent Burley’s “Histogram-preserving Blending for Randomized Texture Tiling” (paper). When enabled, the image will be tiled in a randomized fashion instead of in a grid, which can help break up repeating patterns.
  • Randomized 2D and 3D mapping - Texture mappings now have a randomized mode, where rotation, translation and scale can be set to vary between objects. The seed for the variation can either be the object ID (which is randomly assigned by default) or the mesh island ID.

More informations can be found in release notes of Luxcore 2.5

Author: PR Editor: Michał Franczak
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