QuickTiles plugin for 3ds Max released

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It works with tile materials and allows you to reconstruct them as you like.

You load the source texture, automatically recognize individual tiles, specify a new pattern and dimensions, and add randomizations if necessary. The whole process goes directly in the 3d max and takes a few minutes.

  • The QuickTiles plugin is intuitive and easy to learn, and thanks to auto-recognition of tiles, new material is created in minutes.
  • Recognition of tiles, texture channels, pattern fill, bitmap fitting, material generation. Many auto functions will significantly speed up your work.
  • Free library of patterns and scanned textures, which is constantly updated. We are planning a big scan session in the summer!
  • Generate a unique texture of any size or resolution. A special construction algorithm reduces the visibility of tiling.
  • Don't look for a suitable pattern configuration or randomizations — just change the available textures as you like.
  • The texture is cut into individual tiles right inside the plugin and works only with the source texture. Slicing does not take up disk space.
  • Make any changes at any time-replace the source texture, pattern, size, randomization, and even seams! QT saves all the elements to make editing as easy as possible.
  • QuickTiles is compatible with 3DMax versions 2018-2021, as well as the Vray and Corona rendering engines. In the first version, FStorm is partially supported (for more information, see Help).
  • The plugin was created by an experienced programmer, an Autodesk certified developer. It works stably in projects of any scale and does not cause crashes.
  • The plugin is well optimized. Finished textures take up no more space in memory than regular bitmaps, and the rendering does not slow down.
  • Easily automatically converted to a regular texture, if necessary, transfer the scene to a render farm or workstation without QuickTiles
  • The subscription is sold monthly, and costs $6. And when buying for a year — $60.



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