V-Ray for Cinema 4D Sneak Peek

Chaos Group 2020-04-27 11:55 article  > Software

Chaos Group is rewriting V-Ray for Cinema 4D from the ground up

Upcoming features:

  • V-Ray Frame Buffer  - Deep integration of the V-Ray Frame Buffer into Cinema 4D’s user interface, allowing window docking and access to custom layouts for a better experience when working with V-Ray.
  • V-Ray Material - Now with improved user interface and support for PBR setups from other applications.
  • V-Ray Lights - V-Ray Lights are now separate objects, which makes scene management easier and gives users more control. We’ve also added new lights - the V-Ray Rectangle Light, V-Ray Sphere Light and V-Ray IES Light.
  • Render elements  - V-Ray Render Elements implementation for both the Picture Viewer and the V-Ray Frame Buffer alongside an easy, drag & drop management system and support in Interactive rendering.




  • Improved Motion Blur with CPU and V-Ray GPU
  • Interactive and Production Rendering with CPU and V-Ray GPU
    and Production Rendering with CPU and V-Ray GPU
  • Full and region rendering in the viewport
  • Better V-Ray Frame Buffer
  • Improved Lens Effects
  • A better user interface and simplified settings for V-Ray Dome Light
  • Improved materials, textures and UV mapping in interactive rendering
  • Better support for native Cinema 4D materials
  • Support for Bucket rendering with V-Ray GPU
Author: Chaos Group Editor: Michał Franczak
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maksnaumenko19:34:25  |  28-04-2020
great !


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