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Listen to two CG buddies who've been in and around CG for a long, long time.

Hey everyone, Mike Golden and Hrvoje Čop (aka Chop) here. 

Mike is the founder of the archviz company Three Marks and the head of 3D at Kitbash3D

Chop is the co-founder and CTO of Polymachine, also an archviz company.

Both of us are quite active in the CG community, and have what seems to be a mildly masochistic desire to contribute to the CG discourse. We also share a frustration with many of the questions usually asked, and answers given on various online platforms. We both talk a lot as well. Especially if there's beer involved. Mike posts his personal art under the name Droquis and Chop has been trying for years to update his sad and absolutely neglected blog.

Some time ago, we decided to start recording our discussions on the matter, and the result is the WFQ podcast.

Our wish is to inspire (yes, we know it's a vastly overused word these days, but it's also true) people into thinking more, thinking better, and solving their own problems for themselves.

CG is in all its forms a very long list of problems to solve, after all.*

THIS WEEK: In this episode, Mike and Chop start off by discussing unsolicited emails asking for outsourcing work, continue on to outsourcing in general, and all the different forms it can take. Then, of course, they sidetrack in to a multitude of related and unrelated topics, such as websites, being a client yourself, asking for a job position, writing a CV... Several random rants included.

We'd love to hear back from you, so your welcome to send us any thoughts, opinions or WFQs that bother you on wrongfingquestion at gmail, or on our FB page Wrong F-ing Question.

* However, we believe that we're getting spoiled in a certain way with all the fancy tech and effortless forms of communication we have at our fingertips. It's become so much easier to just delegate a problem to someone online, instead of going through the process of understanding and solving it, which is almost becoming a lost art. But, we firmly believe not many things can really compare to the satisfaction of figuring out and solving a problem for yourself, and from that belief stems our entire philosophy, and ultimately, the point of this podcast. 

This is not to say we are perfect at it. It's a learning process for us as well, and it's our hope you'll pop a can of your favourite beverage and join us on this journey of disassembling common tropes and discussing interesting topics from various aspects of the CG universe in our (hopefully) BS-free, uncensored and unedited way.

Mike and Chop

Author: Mike Golden and Hrvoje Cop Editor: Michał Franczak
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