3ds Max 2019.3 Update

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Top image: Evermotion Archinteriors vol. 49

Interactive ActiveShade Viewport:

  • With the new improvements to ActiveShade, you can now interact and render simultaneously in the same viewport.
  • The ActiveShade viewport mode extends your rendering workflow so you can now see the final result of your adjustments as you make them.



Revit Version Compatibility:

  • You no longer need to upgrade your file when importing a Revit 2018 file, provided you have 3ds Max 2018 and Revit Interoperability for 3ds Max installed.



Enhancements and Changes

  • Alembic interoperability with MayaAlembic support continues with improved interoperability with Autodesk Maya software. Custom Attributes from Maya are grouped to support attributes on transforms and shapes, and vertex color sets are now compatible with Maya import and export.
  • OSL Map (Open Shading Language)Improvements to the OSL source editor include improved bracket highlighting, syntax highlighting, and better docking ability. The viewport has also been enhanced to support OSL features such as node properties and improved Bump map support.
  • Revit ImportImporting Autodesk Revit files is now twice as fast as before (depending on the dataset), lights imported from Revit (via FBX/RVT) now work and render correctly, and the Import dialog has been improved so it is easier to understand and use.
  • General improvementsOver 100 existing issues have been fixed, many of which were originally submitted by the 3ds Max user community. See the Release Notes for details on customer facing issues.
Author: Press release Editor: Michał Franczak
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