Substance Painter 2018.2 - Summer Release Improvements

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Better projection, fill tools and more!

Top image: Art by Borislav Kechashki


New features:

SSS improvements:

The standard shaders in Substance Painter now support full sub-surface scattering by default. Simply add a Scattering map to your texture set and activate the SSS effect in the post-effects settings to improve the rendering of skin, organic surfaces and even wax or jade. The SSS used in the real time viewport is based on state-of-the-art research from Pixar, and will automatically translate to Iray. 




Projection and Fill improvements

The projection and fill tools are getting a makeover with added control and options. 

  • Non-square projection: This one was overdue, you can now load arbitrary sized image in both the Projection and Stencil tool, their ratio and resolution will stay intact. 
  • Projection Tiling options: The Projection and Stencil tools now have an option to disable their tiling in either one or both axes. 

Face Scan by TexturingXYZ

  • Fill Transformation Manipulators: Fill layers can now be manipulated directly in the viewport using transformation gizmos called manipulators. Standard UV Projection fill layers feature a 2D manipulator in the UV viewport while Triplanar Projection fills get a full 3D manipulator in the 3D viewport allowing to translate, scale and rotate the projection precisely directly in the scene. A new contextual toolbar is also available on top of the viewport to customize things such as the manipulator display size and other useful shortcuts. 

Camera Import and Selection

Cameras can now be imported alongside the mesh. If your file contains multiple cameras, their settings will be kept intact and you will be able to easily switch from camera to camera in the viewport. A new option also allows you to preview the frame of the camera depending on its ratio as an overlay in the 3D viewport. 



Drag and Drop on ID Map

Materials and Smart Materials can now be drag and dropped on ID colors directly. Hold Ctrl (or Cmd on Mac) while dragging your material onto the viewport to display the ID colors, an ID mask will be created automatically in your stack when you drop the asset. 



Alembic Support

A common request from animation and visual effects customers, the Alembic file format is now supported. 



More info and download on Allegorithmic Substance Painter Page.

Author: Press Release Editor: Michał Franczak
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