V-Ray for Unreal Beta released!

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With V-Ray for Unreal you get the best of both worlds - real-time and ray tracing.

The fastest, simplest way for you to:

  • Bring V-Ray scenes into real-time
  • Render ray traced images directly from Unreal

Now in open beta, we’re excited to introduce V-Ray for Unreal. Now you can bring V-Ray scenes from 3ds Max, Maya and SketchUp directly into the Unreal Editor. And for the first time, you can render ray traced, photorealistic images with V-Ray directly from Unreal. 




  • Create the scene the same way you normally do using V-Ray for 3ds Max, Maya and SketchUp. Then, export a V-Ray scene from your host application and import it using V-Ray for Unreal.
  • When you import your scene, V-Ray for Unreal automatically converts your materials and lights into real-time equivalents for UE workflows.
  • At the same time, your original materials from V-Ray for 3ds Max, Maya and SketchUp remain connected to their real-time versions and are called up when you’re ready to render. 




  • When you render with V-Ray for Unreal, you get the exact same photorealistic quality that V-Ray is known for.
  • V-Ray taps into the full combined power of your GPUs and CPUs for ultrafast ray tracing.
  • Once your V-Ray scene is imported, you’ll be ready to take full advantage of the VR capabilities in the Unreal Editor.
  • V-Ray for Unreal makes it fast and easy to create high quality, immersive VR.
  • Now you can build great looking real-time experiences and ray traced renders all from a single, shared workflow using V-Ray for Unreal.

More information on Chaos Group site.

Author: Press Release Editor: Michał Franczak
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