The rise of VR in Arch-Viz

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Over two-thirds of architecture and architectural visualization professionals plan to use VR in 2018.

80% of VR adopters are using it on multiple projects. Large firms are leading the adoption of VR. The most popular software for VR creation is V-Ray, followed by two leading game engines on the market - Unreal and Unity.
Virtual Reality projects give great immersion of space and size of designed space. They also allow to include interactivity, like changing lighting, colors and mood of the scene (with multiple still renders in simple application or some basic scripting inside game engine). See the details that are provided by Chaos Group.
The data below is based on the Chaos Group 2017 Architectural Visualization Technology Report. 5,769 respondents from over 70 countries were surveyed.

VR in Architecture Infographic by Chaos Group


Author: Chaos Group Editor: Michał Franczak
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Sketchrender10:12:49  |  16-02-2018
Interesting. Can I ask what they are using ? Vray yes... But what hardwear? Phil
gcdavismarine15:15:14  |  18-02-2018
So if using Vray, I suppose they're rendering a cube map and 'VR' means using a headset to view the still image? We should also keep in mind that this survey was sent out to vray customers, so rather than saying 59% of arch viz professionals, maybe it should read 59% of Vray customers use Vray for VR content creation. I'm sure if epic games sent a survey out to their users, that graph might look a bit different. (Not harping on vray, it's my main render engine, just don't like to see data misrepresented.)
Sketchrender20:03:16  |  18-02-2018
Couldn't agree more, it's a promo piece, and why not they have single handed changed the viz business, but it should be more unbiased that this. It reads very vague really for what it is, and that is down to the questions asked as I answered as do other I presume. I use Vray and Corona, and love them both , so I am not complaining. I want to know what to invest i n in the coming year, as a t the moment , I rendering out Interiors for clients in Corona so they can view them in a head set or mostly on a desktop monitor. I want to make the next step , and don't wan't to break the bank, and also make the right investment. Phil


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