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TexTools is a free addon for Blender with a collection of UV and Texture related tools.


Current features

  • Align Edge: Aligns the UV island to the current UV edge selection
  • Rotate 90: Rotate the UV island 90 degrees and align to previous bounds
  • Align Verts/Faces: Align selected edges/ verts to the bound's direction. Or align UV islands in face mode to the bounds direction.
  • Sort H/V: Align, sort and line up UV islands horizontal or vertical in one action.
  • Iron Faces: Unwraps selected viewpoert faces Face mode into a single UV island. This is often a quicker approach of unwrapping as opposed to marking the boundary edges (mark seams).
  • Select similar: Selects similar UV islands based on the UV island input selection and matching UV Island topology.
  • Select Overlap: Collects all UV islands that overlap each other and select of each group all except for one island.
  • Select Island Bounds: Selects the edge bounds of all UV Islands in the 3D viewport.
  • Checker Map: Assigns a checker map to the selected object or cycles through 2 checker maps. When a checker map is assigned it changes the view to texture mode.
  • Reload Textures: Reload all textures in the current blend file





Download & GIT & Documentation


Author: BlenderArtist Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: texturing uv unwrapping
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