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GarageFarm.NET has recently made some important updates to their SketchUp render farm.

The company has just released a three-part video series showcasing the three upload modes now available on their Sketchup plugin.

Trimble SketchUp has been one of the most reliable and intuitive programs for architects and architecture visualization designers, offering an accessible means to realize conceptual drawings in 3d while preserving scale and measurements. With the help of Chaosgroup's V-Ray external renderer, creating photorealistic architectural renders has never been easier, especially for traditional architects looking to ramp up their presentation game -


They describe the new renderBeamer for SketchUp (their plugin) features as workflows with which a user can easily upload Sketchup projects, particularly those containing multiple pages. According to their announcement, the new renderBeamer for Sketchup plugin now accommodates the rendering of multiple pages as either individual still shots or an animated sequence, as well as conventional single page rendering.

Both of the still shot rendering modes make use of the render farm's distributed rendering system, allowing each still image to be divided into strips and rendered simultaneously on multiple nodes, thus reducing cost and minimizing render time. The strips are then merged into the whole image, bypassing the need for the user to manually assemble them locally. RenderBeamer for SketchUp also supports all V-Ray render elements, as well as Global Illumination caching.

As part of the new release, GarageFarm.NET provides links to their videos, each describing one of the new features of their SketchUp plugin.

The first tutorial demonstrates preparing a scene with a single page for rendering as a still:


The second illustrates the workflow for preparing a scene with multiple pages for rendering as separate still shots:


For both modes, each image can be distributed by strips among multiple nodes to speed up rendering and keep costs at a minimum. Their Sketchup render farm will also merge all these strips to produce your final outputs.

The last tutorial in the series explains the procedure for preparing a multi page scene for rendering as a fully animated camera animation for fly-through presentations:

The render farm has 24/7 Live Support, which comes free for registered users, as well as $25 worth of starting credit, and substantial discounts for larger payments. You can learn more about GarageFarm.NET at

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