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Building Information Modelling software.

Edificius has dynamic integration with SketchUp and Blender to model free form solids or import and export BIM models in the Building Smart IFC format. IFC is the common file format that allows all team designers (architectural, structural engineer, plant engineer, etc.) to exchange their BIM models with different BIM design solutions.


You can get topographic maps and land survey data directly from Google Maps using Edificius-LAND, also available as a stand-alone solution or as an internal module of Edificius with all the tools and functionalities of a specific digital terrain modelling software. Outdoor spaces can be enriched with urban or rural landscape elements such as trees, bushes, plants, roads, squares, yards and furniture, etc.

Import terrain elevation data directly from Google maps

The “Tree” object supply a wide range of high quality photo-realistic tree types, bushes and plants, that can be downloaded from the program’s on-line catalogue where number of construction industry manufacturers are present with their own products and objects already available in the Edificius .bol native format. You can insert external 3D models created with other 3D solid modellers provided in many widely used 3D file formats (.3ds, .skp, .obj, .lwo, .dae, etc.) to complete a digital terrain model with typical landscaping design elements such as benches, street lamps, fountains, etc., to design the integration between buildings and outdoor spaces.



Thanks to the BoQ and Cost Estimating features, each variation of a BIM entity corresponds to a dynamic update of the metric data and therefore the project’s total cost. More extensive quantity surveying and cost estimating tools are available in PriMus (which is a A Construction Estimating software by Acca) seamlessly integrated with Edificius.

The on-line BIM Objects Library contains tens of thousands of free design resources already optimized for use in Edificius (HD Textures, 2D CAD Blocks, 3D Models, etc.). Download as many resources as you need from the ACCA BIM Objects Library to publish and share your own creations with other users in a revolutionary BIM Objects community.

When generating the 3D model of a project, you have the opportunity to see it from every angle and check all kinds of details instantly. Edificius is now the first BIM software that integrates Real Time Rendering and BIM design to produce photorealistic renderings of architectural design ideas in real-time, while continuing to work with the BIM process.

Edificius, with its IFC 2×3 import/export tools, is compliant with the Coordination View 2.0 certification issued by Building SMART.

With Edificius RTBIM integrated in Edificius, the designer can check design validity in real time and generate HQ images and HD video. A rendered image of the project is achieved with a simple click and high-definition video in a matter of minutes.

Show clients a realistic simulation of the project and change materials on the fly. Re-arrange furniture or even make the desired changes to the architectural concept with the client at the centre of the project and therefore part of the design process.

Publish and share 3D BIM projects on the web using the Edificius-VR platform allowing clients and colleagues to view and consult Edificius projects from their tablet or mobile phone.

Click here for more information about Edificius.

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