Solid Angle Arnold will be rental only

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Users will now have the option of subscribing to Arnold annually for $600/year ($50/month equivalent), or $65/monthly.

Top image: Waitrose / the Mill

Subscription facts:

  • Hosted Network License. Ability to self-host your license and access Arnold from multiple computers over the internet or other non-local network.
  • Global Travel Rights allow you to take Arnold subscriptions outside of the country they reside in when travelling.
  • Access to prior versions (up to three versions back) where available. Subscription provides customers with basic support access.

Arnold users will still have the option of purchasing floating perpetual licenses (USD $995) through April 30, 2018.

Will Arnold subscriptions continue to work with third party 3D applications?

Solid Angle and Autodesk are committed to making Arnold the go-to-renderer for the industry irrespective of the 3D software customers use. Solid Angle will continue to develop and update various plug-ins required to use Arnold with Houdini, Cinema4D, and Katana.

More info on Solid Angle website.

Author: Press release Editor: Michał Franczak
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xspace102:01:32  |  10-05-2017
Same futureless and rip off business model. Good buy Autodesk! Welcome fair players like ChaosGroup Vray + Modo, Blender, Cinema 4D,... I am wondering which freelancers or mid size companies can afford 10 or more subscriptions like AD, Adobe, Corona or Arnold, Forest Pack, etc. and earn enough money to pay that monthly. Compared to greedy BigMac Autodesk with Forest Pack you are able to work with your last paid version and when you stop your subscription you can continue whenever you want. Other companies tries to enslave you and push out maximum money. I recommend anyone to think about that and don't support such shady business offers. At the end it's you who build the future of software licensing. I would appreciate to see a discussion here at evermotion because your business needs a financially solid user base as well to sell your items. Regards Thomas P.S. Wait some years and Autodesk will acquire solid angle remove the full functionality features from 3dsMax and sell the full version a subscription. And as well they will sell it to you as an awesome business benefit for your company...sure.


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