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Substance Source reaches 1000 materials thanks to Textile Collection.

A selection of more than 150 scan-based materials gathered with fashion designer Zoé H. You’ll find a wide range of materials dedicated to textile universes such as clothing, sportswear, interior decoration, and upholstery.

To create materials as detailed and realistic as real fabrics, developers used a combination of scans and procedural techniques which provide flexibility to artists and designers for creating countless variations for each piece of fabric in the collection.


Each material of the collection was captured with a scanning device to generate highly detailed maps of the fabric. Using Substance Designer 6’s new scan processing features, maps were treated to extract the key attributes of the texture.

Procedural techniques allow us to manipulate various aspects of the matter from extracting a dynamic mask to creating variations in different attributes of the Substance material such as color, roughness, or metallic.

All materials include the following features:

  • Multiple Resolutions
  • All materials can be used at any resolution up to 4K.
  • PBR materials with multiple channels

More info: Substance site.


Author: Allegorithmic Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: textiles substance
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